Kicksmate Carryall Bag/Toy Case: Collectibles that can fit inside the stackable cases

May you be a toy collector, a bag collector, or a shoe collector, we all have one thing in common: We all want to show off our collectibles while protecting them from dust! For people like me who have shelves but are still lacking a bit of space, here’s another aesthetically-pleasing thing to consider: The Kicksmate Carryall CA-01 Bag Case which is good for bag and shoe storage, as well as toy collections.


The Kicksmate Carryall CA-01 Bag/Toy Case is made out of acrylic panels with a 36cm x 22 cm x 27cm dimension (vertical). You’ll have to assemble it on your own but it’s really easy so no issue with that. Every pack comes with an assembly guide, 6 pieces of acrylic parts in individual plastic wraps, and a bubble wrap to ensure that it reaches your home in good condition.

These cases are portable, stackable, and dust and moisture-proof, which make it a good alternative for shelves. If you’re a “wall collector” (someone who stacks boxes of collectibles for display), this can offer added protection and stability for your collectibles.


Funko Pops

Even though Funko Pop boxes come with protectors, I’m sure some collectors would prefer double protection for the rare (a.k.a. grail) Pops. This specific Kicksmate case can fit eight 4″ regular-sized Funko Pops and possibly a 10″ Funko Pop vertically (provided that it doesn’t have huge ears like Grogu’s). When stacked horizontally, it can store two 6″ Pops, one 4″ and one 4″ two-pack Pop boxes, or five 4″ boxes with a couple of small figures (WCFs, Taito Deformed Figures, etc.) on top.


If you have a riser, then that would be a perfect fit for your Nendoroids (Good Smile Company) inside the Kicksmate case. Three-layer risers can fit around 12 Nendoroids — depending on the size of the base, along with figures from a smaller toy line (Gachapons, PopMart, etc.) on the topmost layer.

GSC Pop Up Parade and Banpresto Figures

Regular 7 to 8-inch Banpresto figures would also be a good fit, but the total would depend again on the size base. It can accommodate around three Pop Up Parade figures with enough space for around three other Banpresto figures. I was also able to store three of my My Hero Academia villains with separate effects inside one case.

Masterlise Prize Figures and ARTFX-J

Usual sizes of Masterlise prize figures are also a perfect fit inside the Kicksmate cases! Masterlise ones fit vertically while ARTFX-J figures are better placed horizontally but it’s up to you, to each his/her own.

Shoes and Bags

Of course, bag and shoe collectors would find this useful especially when thinking of what to wear. Aside from being a nice display case, these Kicksmate cases are also easy to open and close when selecting our bag and footwear for the day. They’re moisture-proof, too!

These are just examples of what you can put inside the Kicksmate Carryall Bag/Toy Case but at the end of the day, you can always put any non-living thing you want inside. I would suggest not to use it for live animals (I received an inquiry about this when I posted about the case on my Instagram Stories). Although the acrylic case is solid and durable, it’s still prone to cracks and scratches. Plus, any live animal will not have enough air supply inside these cases! Just. No.


The Kicksmate Carryall Case is being sold at Php 550 each (originally Php 700) via their Shopee store. Buying three pieces entitles you to a free pack of shoewipes which is a must-have in ensuring that shoes and bags are squeaky clean!

Would definitely recommend this to my co-toy collectors and fashionista friends who find a sense of peace and fulfillment just by looking at their collectibles. 😉

Hope this helps! Happy collecting!

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