Losing 3cm in 30mins: Trying Una Medica’s instant yet effective body sculpting treatments

I’ve been seeing a lot of ads about body sculpting products and treatments online, but one particular combination that really worked for me (visible effects, maintainable, and emotionally uplifting to an extent) is Una Medica’s PowerSculpt muscle-building technology + UltraLift slimming service. Not only can these aesthetic treatments help lessen body fat, but also build muscles for a toned physique. While these services should not be treated as a replacement for a balanced diet and exercise, it can definitely help people who want faster results or just don’t have enough time to hit the gym regularly. I tried both for weeks in conjunction with my workout routine and here’s how it went.


How often should it be done: 1 month interval for 3 consecutive months

Effects: Slimmer physique, 30% immediately after session and 70% result visible in 1-4 weeks post-treatment

Price: Php 7,150 per session (originally Php 13,000)

I’ve already featured UltraLift for the face here in my blog, so if you were able to read it, you’ll already have an idea how this works. The high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment helps contour the body by targeting fat cells, tightening and significantly lifting the skin with the use of ultrasound technology. It worked on my stubborn belly fats, removing around 3cm around my waist! It can also easily be maintained as long as you stick to a balanced diet, follow your workout routine or stay active (commuting and walking are good alternatives).

Your treatment will begin with a quick cleansing, then the whole belly area will be marked with grid lines that will help your aesthetician target each area equally. Ultrasound gel will be applied to smoothen the surface before the zapping begins.

The only downside about this treatment is that you’ll need to brave around 15-30 minutes of zapping on your tummy area. It’s not as painful as the sensation of UltraLift on the face but I can imagine it being uncomfortable for people with very low pain tolerance. If you’re really keen on getting this treatment, I would suggest that you request the staff to target each area in a circular motion to lessen the stinging or pricking sensation. According to Dr. Jen Escalderon, this works better when concentrated in only one area per quadrant though! No pain, no gain.


How often should it be done: Ideally every 2-3 days for 2-4 weeks (or on a weekly basis)

Effects: More muscle mass, toned body (choice of abs, butt, legs)

Price: Php 999 for a limited time

My favorite treatment! I’ve never been this chill and relaxed while doing something for muscle building. Unlike UltraLift which tightens the skin and targets fat cells, PowerSculpt helps build muscles inside our body. According to Dr. Escalderon, 30 minutes of PowerSculpt is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups! Best part? No pain and no sweat. However, as someone who is aiming for holistic wellness, I still pair this with regular exercise. After all, PowerSculpt can only target specific muscles where the paddles are placed.

PowerSculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology which enables muscle contraction at a rapid pace, similar to when you do sit-ups non-stop. It burns fats and builds muscles through electromagnetic pulses which feel like pulling or vibrating sensations on your stomach, butt, or wherever the paddles are placed. What I like about this treatment is that you can do other things while the PowerSculpt works its wonders. In my case, I was able to read an e-book, edit a Reel, and answer emails during my previous sessions. This one is totally painless. You’ll get used to the pulling sensations after the first set. It’s actually relaxing!

As for the results of PowerSculpt, you’ll have to finish all the sessions for visible results. You won’t see the effects immediately but somehow, I think I can feel it since my core feels tighter than usual after every trip to Una Medica.

Combining these two body-sculpting treatments helped me feel more fulfilled in terms of fitness. I can also imagine it being a quick fix in getting rid of the “holiday fats” when January comes. I’ve been feeling good since I started my sessions in October. I’ll try to do it more often by 2023 once my schedule permits. Can’t wait to see the long-term results by then!

To schedule an appointment, you may reach out to Dr. Jenina Escalderon of Una Medica through:

  • Facebook: facebook.com/UnaMedicaPH
  • Mobile: 0945 867 6822
  • Email: unamedicaph@gmail.com
  • Visit their clinic at 656 Del Monte, Quezon City

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  1. Wow this is great, hindi lang na-she-shape yung body mo nababawasan din weight, I think meron din kasing ganitong treatment but body sculpting lang talaga siya. Love this!

  2. Ganito ung mga gusto kong treatment , perfect na sa skin and very effective tlga sya . Sna mka try din ako ng ganitong treatment soon 😍

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