Before and After: Una Medica’s noninvasive face lift solution

Seeing wrinkles and sagging skin even if you’re not yet in your mid-30s? Those may be signs of premature aging brought by chronic stress, smoking, and other factors. While it’s totally normal for our bodies to age, I still believe in “aging gracefully” and in time. For people like me whose line of work and lifestyle bring in a lot of wrinkles, photoaging, and the like, we’re lucky enough to enjoy 21st century skin tech. This includes quick and noninvasive treatments such as Ultralift that help counter any form of skin aging that shouldn’t even be present while we’re still in our 20s! I got the chance to try this treatment called Ultralift from UnaMedica in Quezon City back in November and I was honestly amazed at the results.

Ultralift is a type of high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment that significantly lifts, firms, and tightens the skin with the use of ultrasound energy. It’s recommended for people who want to combat premature aging, lessen wrinkles, define their jawlines or remove their “double chin”, increase skin elasticity, reduce nasolabial folds, tighten sagging skin especially on the neck part, and lift their cheeks for a more contoured look. It can be considered a shortcut for individuals who want to achieve a V-shaped face, which Filipinos used to rave about in the early 2000s.

Ultralift Machine


Let me begin with what brought me here: Remember Dr. Jenina Escalderon who did my Botox and HIKO Nose Lift at Variahealth in 2021? She opened her own clinic, Una Medica, in Quezon City early this year. When it comes to facial enhancements, I put my trust in her as she’s a certified ENT, Aesthetic Medicine, and Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Jenina Escalderon of Una Medica

After filling out forms and a quick consultation with Doc Jenina, I was brought to their treatment area which consists of two beds separated by a curtain. Patients have enough privacy during visits as UnaMedica prioritizes scheduled patients over walk-ins (unless it’s urgent). Doc Jen already warned me about the possible stinging sensations beforehand but I still pushed through.

She began the process by cleansing my skin, followed by drawing white grid-like markings on my face to ensure that everything’s in proportion during and after the treatment. Gel was also applied on the left side before the tool was pressed onto my skin to deliver “shots” of ultrasound energy. These shots target the inner layers of our skin to create a tightening and lifting effect. Although there may be pain or concentrated heat on some areas from time to time, note that Ultralift does not create wounds on the skin so there’s no downtime. After the 30-minute (estimate only) treatment, I was even able to attend a dinner party with friends.


“No pain, no gain” – this is exactly what I thought of as I braved some of the briefly painful shots (5 on a scale of 1-10). Ultralift is bearable if you have a high pain tolerance and if you don’t mind stinging or pricking sensations on your skin. It was only painful around my forehead and chin area but the rest are bearable. The sting also goes away after a few seconds! Imagine getting zapped or getting grounded upon holding a doorknob. It’s like that but stronger and focused on select areas.

Doc Jen helped lessen the pain by targeting parts of my skin in a circular motion and by adjusting the ultrasound strength. Even with the slight pain, I was impressed when Doc Jen showed me the treated vs untreated parts of my face and that gave me the will to continue with the treatment.

Just a tip for the ladies: Don’t get an Ultralift when you’re on your period.


Look at the grid lines on the right vs the left. See how it’s higher? That’s the lifting effect!

Best results are seen in one to two weeks after the treatment but you’ll already notice the difference immediately after the shots. What you see immediately is just 30% of the results. The remaining 70% will be seen in around two to four weeks after the treatment as collagen remodeling takes place. My face felt and looked slimmer than ever and here are photos to prove it:


According to Doc Jen, Ultralift should be done every month for three consecutive months for the best results. No need to worry about your skin sagging if you stop doing it after a month or after the full three months, too! Since collagen remodeling already happened after your first treatment, that means your skin has already “adjusted” to its current state.


The original price for Ultralift is at Php 13,000 but Una Medica is currently offering it for only Php 7,150 per session as part of their limited-time promotions. It’s a decent price for such treatments as I’ve seen other clinics offer this at Php 15,000 to Php 20,000 per session.

Schedule your visit by sending a message via, email, call 09458676822 or pay them a visit at 656 Del Monte, Quezon City. They’re very responsive on Facebook so feel free to send them a PM for inquiries!

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  1. Grabe wow ang ganda ng service nila and tlga nman kitang kita ung npka gandang result . Thanks for sharing review 😍

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