A look inside Pretty Bubble Boutique: New premium pet boutique in BGC

Aside from KPOP artists and fashion, did you know that South Korea is also known for being a “leading frontier” in pet care within Asia Pacific? This is why it’s no surprise that premium pet care services, pet supplies, and even breeds from SoKor are being sought after here in the Philippines. South Korean pet boutique Pretty Bubble Boutique‘s success in Cebu in 2015 is testament to how much pet owners are willing to spoil their fur babies with topnotch services and I’m sure fur moms and dads from the Metro will follow suit with the opening of Pretty Bubble Boutique’s first branch in BGC.

Early this December, we were able to tour the one-stop-shop located at Two Parkade, 30th Street in BGC, Taguig and it’s honestly one of the best and undoubtedly premium pet boutiques we’ve seen in Metro Manila. You won’t see me writing in superlative sense that much but this is one of the rare occasions that made me do so! They offer grooming and spa services, pet care supplies, dog pastries, and pet clothing.

Here’s a peek at what sets them apart from other shops:

As a pet parent, I always make sure to watch how groomers trim other cats and dogs’ fur and nails before I actually bring my pets to them. Watching Pretty Bubble Boutique staff gave me a sense of peace as I saw how calm the dogs were from bath to trimming. Their full-set grooming service includes a full body wash and massage, blow dry, nail trimming or filing, dental care, ear care, eye care, gland expression, and full hair styling. These grooming and spa services are open for both canines and felines. Pet parents are also given the chance to choose between Whirlpool or Hinoki Spa — both of which provide slow full-body massages for pets.

Another one-of-a-kind equipment we’ve noticed inside the grooming station is their pet hydrobath — a bathing system which gives a thorough wash and massage by spraying pressurized warm water and shampoo on a pet’s fur without startling them. According to representatives, this is actually a first in the Philippines!

Furrents can also shop for stylish clothes, accessories, and even colorful leashes here! There’s definitely a style and color for your dog’s every mood. Pet beds, pet carriers, and even high-end Mercedes Benz pet strollers which cost around Php 25,000 are also up for grabs. Premium and luxurious finds for the best pals ever.

After a relaxing bath and #OOTD fix, pets can also indulge in dog pastries specially prepared by a licensed pet bakery master from South Korea. Everything looks delicious! All the Korean pastries are made with all-natural ingredients and lactose-free milk which makes them safe for pet consumption. There are Woofles (Php 150), Chicken Madeleine (Php 150), Dognut (Php 200), Carrot Nuggets (Php 200), and Petcccino (Php 250), to name a few.

To complete the experience, pet owners can also shop pet supplies — from hypoallergenic conditioners and shampoos, oral hygiene kits, and poop bag pouches to pet clothes, and cuddly toys for both dogs and cats.

Aside from the premium services, Pretty Bubble Boutique also carries over 25 dog breeds, including poodle, long-haired dachshund, coton de tulear, bichon frise, shiba inu, Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, and maltipoo with prices starting at Php 18,000 inclusive of consultation and necessary papers.

While their BGC branch is the first ever in Metro Manila, Pretty Bubble Boutique is set to open more branches in the next few years. Here’s to hoping that they open one near our place soon!

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  1. Wow must visit , tlga nman perfect ang ang bubble boutique na ito . Daming pwede mabili at pang gift sa mga furbabies 😍❤️

  2. Happy Anniversary! 💙 Ang cute ng nga dogs and cats huhu kumpleto yung mga needs ng ating mga fur babies halos mabibili na lahat dito!

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