Manila Millennial is a personal blog of a 90s baby who loves to explore the Metro, try new food, and hit the road to wherever. It will provide you with the 101s of the Metro and basically everything that might just save you from city life blues. Contents on this site does not represent the entire millennial population, but it does contain at least one POV and day-to-day adventures of a “millennial” trying to break away from the common notion of this generation. Plus, personal thoughts in writing that may (or may not) have haunted (some) millennial minds.

Check out our sections:

Talk of the Town – I got you covered when it comes to trending topics, events in the Metro (we might venture out too!), beauty/style, and latest food craze to help you survive the Manila catwalk.

Entitlements – Live up to your “entitled millennial” image and avail of these promos and freebies that we spotted within our radar.

Roadtrip – This is our version of travel with details on how to get there and how much it will cost you. For last-minute plans to hit the road!

Millennial Opinion – From one millennial to another, I’ll be posting unsolicited opinion on matters at hand.

Tales from the Gen Z – This category is dedicated to our Gen Z correspondents who want to share their two cents about events for their age group.

More topics coming up!


This particular millennial

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Ces Dimalanta is a Communication Arts graduate who lived majority of her life within the 613.9 km² area of Metro Manila. She has grown together with the first generation of Pokémons, sashayed her way through the streets on rollerblades, sent her first emojis on Yahoo! Messenger, and played the classic langit-lupa with neighbors during her childhood. As an online writer, this lady’s got pretty much a lot up her sleeve and she would like to share her thoughts on food, travel, and lifestyle to millennial and non-millennial readers of Manila Millennial.

Read her other published works here , here. and here.

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