My ‘Pay(Maya) It Forward’ Bucket List: Challenging you to do these random acts of kindness this season!

While it’s true that Christmas, just like Valentine’s Day, may be another occasion characterized by consumerism, I’d admit that it’s quite hard to escape the gift-giving traditions that we grew up with. After all, it still feels great to give back to our loved ones during this time of the year. It’s like ending 2019 with a generous spirit and a heart full of love! So, to make the year more memorable, I thought of creating my own ‘Pay It Forward’ bucket list, inspired by PayMaya’s #PayMayaItForward movement – an initiative by PayMaya Philippines to encourage Filipinos to “pay it forward” by championing kindness this holiday season.

I created a list, which you can also use, on how I can pay the blessings forward through simple acts of kindness:

1. Start at home: Wash the dishes and do the laundry

For the upcoming Christmas break, I’m sure we all have enough time to lend a helping hand in doing household chores!

2. Take it to the streets: Donate unused clothes and items to those in need

Instead of keeping those #OOTDs that we know we won’t use again, it’s better to give it to people who need clothing this December. It’s quite chilly outside around midnight and I’m sure other people would love that extra blanket of warmth this month.

3. Share our Noche Buena to neighbors or invite them over

It’s good to bring back old traditions once in a while. Although we don’t talk to our neighbors that much, it’s nice to share food during the holidays! We’ll have more reasons to do so if that neighbor doesn’t have anyone to celebrate Christmas with.

4. Pay for the meal of a stranger behind me

Remember that viral story where a guy bought food for the person behind him and that person did the same for his next purchases? That was a never-ending circle of kindness that started with one free meal shared to a stranger. We can make that happen here, too!

5. Buy 1, Share 1 instead of Buy 1, Get 1

There are Buy 1, Get 1 promos everywhere during Christmas season. My plan is to share the extras I receive instead of making other people pay for it. Apps like Eatigo and Booky have these ongoing promos!

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6. Open the door for a stranger

Someone recently told me that because I’m in such a hurry all the time, I tend to forget about the welfare of the person behind me. Case in point: Keeping the door open for someone walking behind me. Starting this month, I’ll be more careful and considerate when walking outside! Who knows, the person behind me may be carrying a lot of bags.

7. For a change, pay the electricity bills for my parents

I’m planning to teach my mom about how she can instantly pay bills via PayMaya while also shouldering this month’s costs. It’s not much but it can help lessen the expenses they have for Christmas.

8. Donate for a cause that is close to my heart

(Photo from Gawad Kalinga’s website)

In my case, it’s either wildlife or education. The latter can be done through PayMaya purchases since they’re matching the 1-10-100 cashback we get for our QR transactions with a donation to Gawad Kalinga’s School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED). It’s the first school for social entrepreneurship for the poor, which serves as a model for rural development through education and hands-on learning. Without directly going to the GK-SEED, I can already share the cashback blessings via PayMaya QR purchases. We can also receive an SMS confirmation once the cashback is matched for donation to GK-SEED.

PayMaya QR is available in select stores!

The last one is probably a good start since I’ve been making a lot of purchases lately via PayMaya. Every cashback that goes back to our PayMaya account has a matching donation to GK-SEED. Just imagine how much they’d be able to gain if you receive 100% cashback until December 31, 2019! My cousin also helps Gawad Kalinga so this also means a lot to me.

If you’re interested to start this pay-it-forward challenge with me, create your own PayMaya account today by using my code CESPAYMAYA for FREE P50 upon sign-up. You can also check the latest deals by visiting For other Christmas updates, don’t forget to follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.!

Pay it forward, millennials!!

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