Mark your calendars for Sharp Technology Day 2023 and 111th anniversary celebration

2023 is set to be another memorable year for Sharp Corporation! With its 111th anniversary happening this November, Sharp is strengthening their efforts in line with their “Be a Game Changer” slogan.

During their recent anniversary event in Japan, Sharp’s President and CEO Robert Wu announced that the company will hold Sharp Technology Day on November 11, 2023 with the aim of showcasing Sharp’s commitment to developing innovative technology, specifically in areas such as AI, robotics, XR, 6G, food, water, air, green, and space industries. Sharp plans to strengthen its own development resources, accelerate open innovation by collaborating with startups and global companies, and become a game changer in these areas.

Photo courtesy of Sharp Global

Sharp Technology Day will provide an opportunity for the company to introduce its technology strategy for the future, and exhibit innovative products and solutions that incorporate its unique technologies. The event will focus on introducing the latest products and solutions in the industry, including those that were developed through collaboration with startups and global companies.

Sharp aims to become a true global company by developing new businesses from local ideas, providing services close to the community, and developing start-up solutions. The company’s business creed of “Sincerity and Creativity” and its founder’s ideal to “Make products that other companies want to imitate,” have been the driving force behind its continued success.

On top of these, Sharp is also enhancing their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) policy in their management. The company remains committed to contributing to society through its sincerity and unique technology while remaining close to people as a global standing organization.

Excited to see what they’ll be unveiling during Sharp Technology Day 2023!

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  1. Yeyy kaabang abang talaga ang Kanilang 111th anniversary Celebration and Thank You For sharing this 🩷

  2. Nkaka excite naman ito . Happy 111th Anniversary sharp , sure na npka sayang celebration nito 🥰💙

  3. This is so exciting ❤️ happy 11th Anivesary Sharp ❤️ one of the famous brand ❤️

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