IN PHOTOS | Our unconventional Mother’s Day celebration: Skipping the crowds, not the love

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate the amazing mothers and mother figures in our lives. While many people opt for elaborate celebrations and extravagant gifts, it’s important to remember that sometimes the most meaningful celebrations are the simplest ones. In our case, it doesn’t even matter if it’s already May 14 or not! My mom doesn’t like going out during days when people would crowd malls and restaurants so we celebrated Mother’s Day on a weekday. Everyday should be Mother’s Day anyway!

First, let me share what happened yesterday (May 14) during Mother’s Day: As expected, ride-hailing and food delivery apps were almost inaccessible due to the high volume of orders. We tried ordering from two apps for hours to no avail! Restaurants nearby were also at their full capacity. This isn’t surprising as a study from a food delivery app even revealed that Mother’s Day ranks the highest in terms of user traffic, even when compared to Christmas or New Year’s Day, so it’s almost impossible to rely on restaurants to get a decent meal on such a day. Good thing we had cake delivered prior the weekend and had Filipino food prepared beforehand so my mom was still able to indulge a hearty meal during her special day. We weren’t able to order additional viands, though.

Next, in terms of gifts, we didn’t prepare flowers or chocolates (she already has a cake). My mom is a practical kind of mom. Instead of flowers, she’d prefer potted plants that can live forever! We also opted to gift her a bottom-load water dispenser, which she saw on TikTok. She’s very updated when it comes to trending products.

Mother’s Day became a day of sleep and relaxation for all of us. Days prior Mother’s Day, we already celebrated in advance by dining in one of my mom’s favorite Japanese restaurants in Makati. We dropped by her office during lunch time and got her favorite dishes — shrimp tempura, sashimi, miso soup, and more. Of course, to commemorate the occasion, my mom took snaps for posting on Facebook. She’s even an expert in taking selfies — may that be in horizontal, vertical, or Gen Z style!

Overall, it was like a week-long celebration instead of just one day. For me and my family, the most important thing is that we get to spend quality time together– joking around, snapping selfies, walking the dogs, you name it! While gifts and grand celebrations are nice, it’s the little things that often mean the most. By keeping it simple and focusing on spending time together, anyone can create a meaningful and memorable Mother’s Day celebration at home.

Happy Mother’s Day to our mommy readers, your moms, dads who also stand as moms, and even fur moms! You all deserve the love.

*All photos were taken via a realme device.

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5 Replies to “IN PHOTOS | Our unconventional Mother’s Day celebration: Skipping the crowds, not the love”

  1. Ganitong celebrarion lang dn yung gusto ko simple lang pero grabe ramdam tlga ung pagmamahal ng mga anak sa mga magulang like you Ms. Cess . Practical dn mommy mas okay dn sa akin ung mabubuhay forever . Thanks for sharing ms. Cess . Happy Mother’s day! 🥰🩷

  2. Happy Mother’s Day po sa mom niyo Ms. Ces. Same po sa amin, quality time together din ang way namin to celebrate special occasion like this.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day po sa Mommy niyo Ms. Ces ❤️ quality time together talaga is the best ❤️

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