5 Reasons why Sharp is the ‘laundry solution for all seasons’

Doing the laundry during a hot and sunny day is a piece of cake, but letting clothes dry while it’s raining cats and dogs would be like a boss fight against time as you won’t know if your clothes will dry up in time for the next work week. To address such concerns, Sharp is offering new quality products that provide comfort and convenience to Filipinos who want to lessen their worries when doing household chores. Meet their wide range of laundry solutions from Semi-automatic to Top Load products:

Why consider these products? We’ve listed five of our most favorite features that we only found in Sharp fully automated washing machines:

1.Works with Low Water Pressure

Sharp valves can operate for as low as 0.01 MPa or 1.45 PSI (water pressure), meaning the machine can still operate even on areas with low water pressure or low electricity flow. Good choice for people like me who live in residential areas that have frequent water interruptions, too.

2. Tough and Durable Rus-Free Body

Sharp products are ready for all weather conditions in the Philippines as it is equipped with a plastic body with rust-proof features. It also sports a stainless tub for added durability. 

3. Energy Saving and Gentle on Clothes

Models with Direct Drive Inverter Motor are more efficient and energy-saving. It also has a variable speed wash feature that freely adjusts the flow intensity and speed of water according to the material, and Ultra Wash technology for more efficient washing.

Models with Direct Drive Inverter include ES-JX105A9(GY)(10.5kg), ES-FA10AX-GY(10kg), and ES-FA90AX-GY(9kg).

4. Hygienic No Holes Tub

Sharp is proud of its original ES-S115HP-SL(11.5kg), ES-S95HP-GY(9.5kg), and ES-U75GP-BL(7.5kg), equipped with No Holes Tub Technology that provides hygienic laundry washing by controlling impurities from entering the inner tub. These models also help save up to 30% more water!

In partnership also with Procter & Gamble (P&G), Sharp also offers the model ES-PG750P(7.5kg) which has its very own Ariel Wash Cycle that can deliver superior wash cleaning and stain removal with the use of Ariel detergents. Every purchase during Sharp Koten events entitles buyers to Ariel freebies, too!

5. Award-winning Brand

Aside from the reasons above, Sharp can be dubbed as the “laundry solution for all seasons” as it was also recognized as the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ for washing machine by Reader’s Digest for 11 consecutive years! They even recently celebrated their 10th million mark of production.

Aside from washing machines, Sharp also takes pride in their Air Purifier with Dehumidifier (DW-E16FP-W, 24sq.m) that helps target the moisture buildup at home during rainy season. This prevents the buildup of molds and bad odor through its Plasmacluster Ion Technology that is also capable of targeting airborne viruses and bacteria.

All washing machine and air purifier models are available at leading stores nationwide including Official Sharp Flagship Store on Lazada and Shopee. For more information, you can visit https://ph.sharp/.

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