TASTE TEST: Jollibee Creamy Coffee Float and Choco Float

Something smooth and creamy has just landed in Jollibee stores within Metro Manila! Last Monday (April 25, 2022), the multinational fast food chain launched their Creamy Floats — the Coffee Float and Choco Float, which they have been teasing on social media a week earlier. For the price of only Php 49, of course, we had to give it a taste test!

Basing on their advertisements, the Creamy Floats seem bland compared with the previous drinks they’ve released. However, I have high hopes for the new drinks as the Jollibee Coffee Jelly released some time in 2020 was really good! Back in 2021, they also released a Creamy Caramel Float which looked quite similar to the new ones, except it has a drizzle of caramel on top.

Photo from Jollibee’s Facebook page.

Jollibee describes the Choco Float as something that “provides extra indulgence as a smooth chocolate drink topped with creamy vanilla soft-serve”, while the newest Coffee Float is being advertised as a “delicious coffee topped with vanilla soft-serve”.


Although it looks appealing in the photos, I’d have to warn you that the ice cream on top won’t always look as good as the advertisements, given the climate in the Philippines. When I got mine in stores, the triangular soft-serve already tipped over within minutes at the counter. No problem with me, though! It’s the taste that matters.

We ordered the drinks together with our breakfast meals and it’s honestly one of the best decisions we’ve made on a weekday. Both drinks really did provide refreshment and it gives that kick of energy that you’ll find in sugary drinks. Just right for a busy day!

On to the taste: The Choco Float tastes like their Hot Chocolate drink, except it’s cold and creamier. It’s thick, probably due to the ice cream, but it’s not super sweet. There seems to be a hint of dark chocolate taste and it won’t give you an umay feeling at all.

The Coffee Float, on the other hand, reminds me so much of their Coffee Jelly! This one may be creamier and sweeter, but it still provides a good caffeine boost — one that won’t make you palpitate. If you prefer something bitter and strong, I would suggest that you get your coffee somewhere else. Honestly, I still prefer their Coffee Jelly, but this one will do for now. Maybe I’ll just add coffee jelly on my own.

Note: Jollibee, if you’re reading this, please consider bringing it back!

Overall, I don’t think there’s anything special about the new drinks but given the affordable price, both are definitely worth considering. They taste great with breakfast meals, but they’re also good afternoon coolers.


The Coffee Float and Choco Float are now available in Jollibee branches within Metro Manila for only Php 49 (SOLO) and Php 35 if bought as a drink upgrade for your value meal. No updates yet regarding its availability in other parts of the Philippines, but we’re hoping that Jollibee makes it available nationwide soon!

Both are available for dine-in, take out, and drive-thru. You can also order online via the Jollibee Delivery App or JollibeeDelivery.com; call #87000, or check out via GrabFood or foodpanda.


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