LIST: Here’s where you can play classic games for free when you’re bored

With so many ads and paid sites on the Internet, it’s almost impossible to find a nice platform with games that are not blocked by your company, are ad-free, and has no download requirements. Although apps are good to have on mobile phones, playing via laptop when you’re taking a quick break from work or when you’re waiting for the end of your shift are easier to conceal vs being glued on your mobile phone screen. Because we don’t usually find such websites, here’s a list we made featuring free classic games that will get your brain running while keeping you entertained, no matter where you are.

The format is quite similar with, except this website has all the classics that millennials used to find pre-installed in their desktop computers or in activity books:

1. Solitaire 

A classic card game that I’m sure you used to play together with Minesweeper and Pinball in your 90’s Windows computer! Although Klondike is the most popular version of Solitaire, also offers a full listing of Solitaire versions such as Spider, Freecell, Egypt, Blockade, Pyramid, Scorpion, Spidike, Winter, and a lot more. Who would’ve thought that Solitaire comes in a lot of versions? Going through each game will take you weeks to master, so you can try them all to kill time.  

2. Zuma Legend

There was a time when I got so obsessed over Zuma’s Revenge on Yahoo! Games, that I cried when our desktop computer stopped working and I was so disappointed because I don’t know how I can buy the game again and go back to the level where I was. LOL! That’s why seeing Zuma Legend on got me all giddy as it has similar mechanics, but this time, there’s a different creature (or machine) deploying the colored balls and more complicated pathways. I had to bookmark this page for future use!

3. Hidden Kitchen

The next time your mom tells you “Gamitin ang mata, ‘wag ang bibig” (Use your eyes, not your mouth) when you ask for her help in looking for something, you can proudly share that you’ve been practicing with this game! Players only have five minutes to look for 10 small objects within different kitchen and dining room setups, so I’m sure that it can enhance your hunting skills, both online and offline.

4. Medieval Castle

If you’re ready to level-up your sleuthing skills, this hidden-objects game will take your imagination to the next level as it neatly hides numbers within medieval scenes. All you need to do is find the numbers 1-30 which are hidden as object outlines, carved on trees and windows, and even adorned on furniture and clothing. I used to play games like this via printed activity books so I’m happy to see a digital version which can be played by all ages.

5. Tetra Blocks

Do you miss playing Tetris Battle on Facebook but don’t know where to find one for free? It’s right here, except it’s called “Tetra Blocks”! Mechanics are the same: Just form rows of blocks by moving the falling pieces using your arrow keys. The pieces would drop faster as you progress through the levels, but you also have a choice to make them drop faster by pressing the space bar. It still has the same appeal as other Tetris games and I didn’t even notice that I already spent over 30 minutes on it in one sitting!

6. Daily Maze

When you’re tired of word games, also has a lot of Logic Games that will keep your mind running. One of my favorites is called Daily Maze – a digital version of maze games on paper that we used to play as a kid. This time, players have the choice to choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard levels with 10×10 up to 20×20 tiles. I always go for Hard mode with 20×20 as it’s just the right difficulty for adults. I think kids can even do it if they have enough patience. Nonetheless, it’s really entertaining due to the nostalgic vibes and it’s completely free!

These are just some of the many card, word, logic, and object-hunting games that you can find at the website. It’s a hidden gem and definitely a treasure chest of nostalgia for millennials like me. Enjoy!

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