LIST: 10 Christmas gift ideas for your millennial friends and family

Only a few weeks left before Christmas! Since it’s the season of gift-giving, let’s put an extra effort in our small surprises for family and friends. In case you have no idea what to give them, here are our top 10 suggestions that can surely fit your budget. Prices range from Php 250 to Php 5,000:

1. Super comfy bedheets and pillowcases

(Image courtesy of Uniqlo PH)

Reco: AIRism pillowcase (Php 299 on sale) and bedsheet (Php 999 on sale)

Where to buy: Uniqlo app or in-store

We’re still facing a pandemic, so it’s almost impossible to be in total Zen mode nowadays. To counter that, it’s best to invest in your sleep essentials because we need to be at our comfiest state whenever we recharge for the next day. A well-rested body and mind can help you get through tough days!

2. All the necessary vitamins

Reco: Puritans Pride

Where to buy: Shopee / Lazada

Health is wealth! Puritan’s Pride is my favorite brand when it comes to vitamins. They have a wide range of products, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Calcium. Vitamin C is a safe choice for everyone, but Vitamin D is also an essential for our loved ones who are not getting enough sunlight while on a work-from-home setup.

3. Relaxing bath essentials

(Photo courtesy of Aromatherapy Manila)

Reco: Dream Hand Care Set (Php 425)

Where to buy: Aromatherapy Manila

A recent survey from the American Psychological Association revealed that Gen-Z adults, ages 18 to 23, and millennials face the highest levels of stress compared to other generations. While it’s hard to be completely stress-free, relaxing scents, a nice warm bath, and peaceful time in the comfort room can definitely help. Give aromatherapy hand care sets as a gift for a change! This would be a fragrant reminder to wash their hands (especially during this pandemic).

4. “Tita” survival kit

Reco: Face masks, Castor Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Wipes, etc. personalize it! (around Php 500)

Where to buy: Mediplast and Apollo section at Mercury Drug Store /

We have friends and loved ones who deeply appreciate personalized gift bags. This year, why not whip up a “survival kit” based on their common needs? A pastel-colored face mask would be a nice gift to that fashionista friend, petroleum jelly would be helpful for that friend who always has cracked lips, castor oil for that friend who always wears false eyelashes, and wipes for that friend who’s almost always at the loo (We all have that one friend. Haha)!

5. Fitness smartwatch

Reco: realme Watch 2 (Php 2,990) or Watch 2 Pro (Php 4,490)

Where to buy: Shopee or realme stores nationwide

To keep up with techy times while keeping our budget in check, how about a fitness smartwatch for health-conscious pals? This looks good on anyone, regardless the gender! Plus, the fitness modes and health features are also spot on. It can monitor the user’s blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep quality, to name a few.

6. Easy-to-clean, water-resistant bag

Reco: Dumpling Bag in your friend’s fave color (Php 2,790 for Extra Small, Php 3,950 for Medium, Php 4,190 for Large)

Where to buy: Beyond the Vines website or concept stores at the Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Mall, and Mall of Asia.

Ever experienced ruining your bag’s color from too much alcohol-spritzing and sanitizing? This won’t be a problem with Beyond the Vines’ Dumpling Bag. It features a convenient large flap pocket and a D-ring to attach your keys to. Plus, it’s very spacious, accessible, handy, and water-resistant! It can be used as a main bag or as a spare bag since it can be folded and tucked away in your things.

7. One-line journal for classic documentation

(Photo courtesy of Hi, Passion)

Reco: One-Line Journal

Where to buy: Hi, Passion Instagram or Facebook page

A really good option for your sentimental friends who are following an eco-friendly lifestyle. Hi, Passion uses recycled materials in their journals, which are good for up to five years! The rules are simple: Sum up your day or note the highlight in just one line (phrase or sentence, whichever works), then do the same thing every year for five years so you can look back at what happened the year before. It’s like Facebook Memories on paper and in extra private mode.

8. Handmade scented soy candles

(Photo courtesy of Kindle&Co)

Reco: Soy wax scented candles gifting kit (Php 950)

Where to buy: Kindle&Co or Shopee

Candles have many uses – from giving off relaxing scents while you’re in the bath to making mealtimes seem more romantic. However, not all candles maintain its fragrance over time, so best to pick a brand with quality products like Kindle&Co. Their lavender soy candle is so good! It smells super relaxing and it continues to smell nice even after multiple uses.

9. Random funny item to share holiday cheer

Reco: Dancing Cactus (Php 250)

Where to buy: Shopee

We all have that one friend (or more) who prefers entertaining or funny gifts. Probably the type of people who laughed at poop prank gifts from Blue Magic in High School! This 2021, how about a social-media famous Dancing Cactus that can record audio, mimic your voice in a funny way, and dance to built-in music in just a press of a button? It’s super affordable, too!

10. PC or console games!

Reco: Solo games for the introvert (e.g. Pokemon Shining Pearl at Php 2,695) or party games for the extrovert (e.g. Mario Party Superstars at Php 2595)

Where to buy: DataBlitz

Your gamer buddies would definitely need new games to keep them company over the holiday break, so an additional PC or console game would be a perfect choice. Just make sure to check what type of games they’re playing before buying.

These are based on personal preferences and wish lists that I’ve encountered this month. It would still be best to trust your gut instinct in choosing which gift would be best for your loved ones. Don’t forget to add a personal note and give them a hug (or a digital hug) this Christmas.

Have a happy and meaningful Christmas, everyone! 🙂

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    So cool and affordable too.
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