8 Things that we learned about Korean actor Hyun Bin at the Smart Hallyu Hangouts

Hyun Bin is probably one of the most well-known South Korean actors at the moment. His charm cuts across all generations, even our moms and grandmas would probably recognize him! Known for his leading roles in series such as My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Crash Landing On You, Hyun Bin has proven how versatile he is in the roles he played, but we never really got the chance to know what he’s like as himself so we made sure to take notes after attending the recent Smart Hallyu Hangouts session with him!

Presented by mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc., Hyun Bin graced the second episode of the Smart Hallyu Hangouts, a series of online shows where subscribers can watch their Korean idols through a live feed from wherever they are in the world. This episode follows the premiere of the series, which featured Hyun Bin’s recent leading lady, Son Ye Jin. Like the first episode, select lucky Filipino fans got the chance to ask questions via video call with the help of Philippines-based host Sam Oh and her Korea-based co-host Park Kyung-lim.

There’s so much to share about Hyun Bin but here are our top 8 picks:

1. He claims that he can’t take a complete rest.

When asked about how he relaxes, it wasn’t surprising to hear that Hyun Bin finds it hard to fully rest! A mega star like him would probably have a jam-packed schedule but he does try to find ways to keep his mind off things. We could #relate!

“I cannot take [a] complete rest. I always have pressure somewhere in my mind so I can’t take a complete rest. I play golf with my friends… I take a shower and have a glass of wine and beer. Then I’ll know I had a fulfilling day,” he shared in Korean. “It’s not easy to get away from the pressure.”

2. Hyun Bin vows to visit the Philippines once the pandemic is over!

“I think touring the Philippine would be a great experience,” said the 38-year old actor. He also mentioned that he wants to feel the love and support in the flesh but he’s also grateful for the opportunity of engaging with them via online means.

Speaking of fans…

3. He loves his fans and acting is his way to give back the love.

“I’m always grateful to my fans,” he said. “All I can do for them to repay their love is to continue acting, hoping it would make their life a little better. Although it was for a short time, I got to talk with my fans and talk about my works for a short while. It was nice to communicate with my fans, even though I could only see them through a screen.”.

4. He had a fan club when he was in High School!

When asked about when he realized that we was good-looking, Hyun Bin modestly answered “I don’t know” as he didn’t really think about it then even though it was revealed by host Park Kyung-lim that he had a fan club even before he became a celebrity. We stan a humble star!

5. Hyun Bin loves to stay updated on world news.

Ever wondered what a celebrity like him usually does on his phone? According to Hyun Bin, he likes to read news – all sections of the news!

“I think it’s nice to know what’s happening in the world while I’m living. I’d like to at least have a rough idea of what’s going on,” he answered.

6. He gives really great advices!

A lot of the fan questions involved “deep” questions, perhaps to get to know Hyun Bin better, but my favorite one was when he was asked on what advice he can give to people who are experiencing a “slump”.

His answer: “I believe that If you take a step back, and look at yourself and the situation from an objective perspective, you’ll be able to find whatever put you in the situation.”

7. Hyun Bin searches for his name on the Internet every day.

As someone who loves checking the news, why not check what people are saying about him as well, right? Unlike Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin makes sure to stay updated about what the press or his fans are saying about him and his recent projects.

8. One thing he thinks that everyone should try at least once in their life? Traveling.

We can’t do it now, but I suggest you travel somewhere where the culture and environment are different. It will give you a different perspective,” he said. It is through traveling that he finds a side of himself that he didn’t know before and for Hyun Bin, that’s what makes it a great experience.

The actor also gave fans a closer look at his life and personality, regaling everyone with interesting bits of trivia such as wanting to be a detective when he was young, considering a possible career as a golfer or even a businessman now, his real-life piano-playing skills, his previous dramas and movies, and a lot more!

We thank Smart for bringing us closer to our favorite Korean stars and we’re hopping that they continue doing so. Both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin starred in Smart’s Simple Ako advertisement which encourages subscribers to level up their digital experience with Smart 5G’s superfast speeds and ultra-low latency powered by the country’s most extensive 5G network with over 4,000 sites.

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  1. Talagang this is worth it to read because you will know here the 8 Things about Korean actor Hyun Bin. Isa sa mga kilalang Korean actor and ang daming fans dahil napaka gwapo and ang galing umarte. He really love his fans pa. And wow He gives really great advices 🥰

  2. I already read this blog, isa sa Kilalang actor si Hyun Bin ng South Korea. Kilala sa kanyang mga nangungunang tungkulin sa serye tulad ng My Name ay Kim Sam-soon at Crash Landing On You . Presented by mobile services provider Smart Communications . Hyun Bin graced the second episode of the Smart Hallyu Hangouts, a series of online shows where subscribers can watch their Korean idols through a live feed from wherever they are in the world.

  3. Defenitly amazing thanks for sharing this Ate Ces surely Indeed This Blog Content Was Really Amazing Getting To Know About Hyun Bin, Absolutely Amazing, and All This Advices Was So Nice, His Really Awesome Person ❤️❤️

  4. Nice that we will know the 8 top picks about Hyun Bin. Thank you for sharing this.
    Worth to read this blog. This is im sure interesting for all Kpop fans like me .
    Hyun Bin is one of the most popular actor in korea. He is so talented and good to know that he is always aware of what is happening around him.

  5. Hyun Bin, deserve it to be a great endorser,he in fact so love by many , I myself,adore him ,he was an actor with really ,what it takes to be!

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