Things that responsible fur-parents should know

Having a dog or a cat might not seem like a big responsibility. After all, what could be hard about taking care of small pets? The answer is a lot. There’s actually more to it aside from the cute photos you see online. You have to feed, bathe, cuddle, play with your pet, and so much more! It is pretty much like having a kid… except they’re furry.

Like any mom and dad, we know all fur parents want what’s best for their pets. So, aside from giving your pets their basic needs, here are some fur-parenting tips you should know and remember when taking care of your fur-baby:

1. Feeding your fur-baby optimal nutrition

When we eat healthy and nutritious food, we look and feel better, which should be the same for our fur babies.

Not all human foods are safe for pets. These foods can be harmful and may lead to health issues. That’s why a responsible fur-parent should ask a vet what type of food and how much is right for her pet.

2. Socialize your pets

Pets are social by nature, and spending their days isolated and unchallenged are likely to make them unhappy. Spend quality time with your dogs and cats and take the time to bring them outside to meet new people and fur-friends. The better socialized they are, the happier they will be.

Responsible fur-parents would never be afraid to expose their fur babies to other animals, people, and new environments. How? By giving them the proper protection. Ask your veterinarian how to protect your fur-babies against ticks, fleas, and other parasites.

3. Playtime with your fur-baby

An active pet is a happy pet! Aside from socializing, your fur-baby needs to release its energy and strengthen its body through playtime. Playtime can also enhance your relationship with them and improve their mental health.

Take time each day to exercise and play with them as playtime allows them to be mentally stimulated and physically challenged. Being with you is the best part of their day, and giving them that extra attention would show how much you love them. 

 4. Protect your fur-baby

Keeping your pet healthy is an essential part of responsible pet parenting. Besides making sure that your cat or your dog eats the proper food, you can protect your pet by bringing your fur baby to your veterinarian regularly.

Some medical conditions can be unnoticeable, and you may think that your dog or cat seems perfectly healthy. With a routine check-up, the veterinarian can easily spot diseases or underlying medical conditions.

Your vet can also tell you the best treatment and the right medicine for your pet. There are different varieties of treatments that you can give based on your pet’s needs, size, and more. Read more about possible treatments that can provide long-lasting protection for your fur baby at and discuss it with your vet.

Like real parents, being a fur mom or fur dad can be both enjoyable and tiring (in a good way), but our dogs and cats showering us with love can make life worth living. 🙂

10 Replies to “Things that responsible fur-parents should know”

  1. I agree that being fur parents is tiring in a good way but it is enjoyable and fulfilling your day. Pets always give happiness and excitement. Aside from we have the responsibility to feed them well we have also to treat them as a human,give them proper groomed,and yes exactly it is also essential to bring them on veterinary clinic for their health concerns.

  2. Thank you po sharing this laking tulong po nito sa aming mahihilig mag alaga Ng mga pets I have 4 dogs 🥰 super laki po talaga Ng responsibility natin sa pag aalaga sa kanila🤗🙂 salamat po talaga dito at alam namin kung ano at ang dapat gawin para sa kanila🙂

  3. They are absolutely our baby ,our part of the family, consideration of their needs in a everyday scenario ,was really a necessary , they just need our tender loving care.

  4. Thankyou for sharing this infomative blog, Yess po kami po meron po kaming mga alagang pusa and May isa po kaming dog . Iba po talaga ang. trato namin sa kanila parang isang pamilya narin po talaga kami.. Hindi rin po talaga nawawala ang bonding namin sa kanila at sa mga alaga namin nilalaro po namin sila at hindi lang yun sa tuwing pupunta kami sa tindahan o palengke sinasama po namin sila , para kahit papaano makakita naman po sila ng ibang lugar at ibang mga tao.. At kailangan din talaga natin silang pakainin ng Healthy

  5. Agree po, being a furparent is a responsibility. Para ka talagang may anak. Mine behave like a child.
    I love your list, very helpful po.

  6. Thanks for this content
    ang dami kong nalalaman about sa pag aalaga ng pet
    may aso din ako at para din silang tao na ngangangailangan ng pag aalaga.

  7. This all tips and Reminders was absolutely Useful and Very Helpful Specially Sa Mga Fur-Parents po talaga… Sobrang Makakatulong po talaga para patuloy mapangalagaan ang mga FurBaby na dapat ding pinaparamdam sa kanila ang pagmamahal at tamang pagAalaga ..

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