8 Fun facts about Korean actress Son Ye Jin revealed at Smart Hallyu Hangouts

Did you know that Crash Landing On You star Son Ye Jin was surprised by her popularity in the Philippines? She wasn’t aware that she has a lot of Filipino fans because contrary to popular belief, the 39-year-old actress isn’t really active on social media. Nevertheless, she remains thankful for the support! This was one of the many things revealed about our favorite Korean actress during the Smart Hallyu Hangouts online fan meet organized by Smart Communications last Friday (July 16, 2021).

There were so many things that she shared during the two-hour fan meet, but we picked the top 8 things that we found surprising:

1.Son Ye Jin hopes to visit Boracay and considers the Philippines a beautiful place to live in.

She has been to Cebu with her family a long time ago and what she remembered was the “friendly faces of Filipinos”. She mentioned how everyone was very happy, friendly, and how there was a sense of innocence in everyone. In fact, the actress admired how the nature is “very beautiful”.

2. She doesn’t search for her name online!

Celebrities are usually very active online and on social media but for Son Ye Jin, she prefers rest over checking anything.

“(I would search for my name) when I’m working, maybe when there’s a new show out, but I would go an entire week without checking. When I’m resting, I’m resting,” she says in Korean. When she’s not working, she prefers not to check anything.

3. Son Ye Jin gets embarrassed when watching herself in shows.

This was quite surprising as actors usually review their work over time, but for Son Ye Jin, she admits that she gets embarrassed when she watches herself on screen. She doesn’t replay her work and if she does stumble by one of her shows on TV, she changes the channel!

4. If she were to be born again, she wouldn’t want to be Son Ye Jin.

Not like it’s a bad thing, for Son Ye Jin, she just wants to be born as someone else because she already had this experience in her current lifetime. This is actually a pretty inspiring outlook in life.

“In the next life, I would like to fly,” she shares.

5. Son Ye Jin drinks actual alcohol/soju in drinking scenes!

As someone who is truly committed to the role she plays, Son Ye Jin drinks actual alcohol/soju in scenes that require her to do so. She feels more committed to the character when she does this! She also shared that when she gets drunk, she gets very hyper but eventually, she would just want to go to bed.

6. She doesn’t see herself as the best actress in Korea… just ‘a little, maybe’.

When asked if she sees herself as the best actress in Korea, Son Ye Jin answered no, as there are a lot of amazing actors in the country. However, considering all her awards and big hit series, she eventually said “A little yes, maybe” in a shy manner. She’s really humble!

(Screenshot from Smart Hallyu Hangouts)

7. She didn’t actually drive the motorcycle in her recent Smart TVC.

We stan an honest actress! When asked about her motorcycle stunt in her recent television commercial with Smart Communications, Son Ye Jin was honest enough to admit that she had a stunt double. They shot the parts of her walking and mounting the motorcycle, but the driving part wasn’t her.

8. Son Ye Jin will be appearing in an upcoming drama entitled “Thirty-Nine”.

If you’re wondering why she didn’t appear in other shows after Crash Landing On You, it’s because the pandemic started right after they wrapped up CLOY! Son Ye Jin limited her trips since then and has been staying at home for safety. However, she also shared that she will be appearing in an drama called “Thirty-Nine” soon!

We can’t wait to see her in new K-Dramas and I hope Smart Hallyu Hangouts would be able to bring her and Hyun Bin together in future fan meets. 🙂

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