Green Doraemon is now UNIQLO’s Global Sustainability Ambassador!

’90s kids, rejoice! Our favorite cat-type robot Doraemon has recently been hailed as the Global Sustainability Ambassador for UNIQLO. There’s nothing that he can’t do and we’re amazed that he even went green (a.k.a. Doraemon Sustainability Mode) just for this endeavor. I initially thought that it’s one of the Mini-Doras (small versions of Doraemon in green, yellow, and red), but it really is Doraemon in the flesh!

Doraemon and the Mini-Doras, in case you’ve forgotten about them. (Screenshot from Doraemon animated series)

Presented with the UNIQLO logo also rendered in green, he is set to help convey the many ways in which UNIQLO materializes its sustainability message of “Changing our future through the power of clothing”. Doraemon even had something to say about this new assignment: “Hi, everyone! I’m Doraemon and now I am Green! I’ll do my best as UNIQLO Global Sustainability Ambassador to help create a much brighter future! I want to work with you all, so we can make people everywhere more interested in the future of our world!”

Doraemon hails from Japan and has become beloved by people of all ages, all around the world (including the Philippines). UNIQLO similarly originated in Japan; the company has evolved over the years by providing quality apparel to people everywhere in keeping with its commitment to fostering social progress. As UNIQLO Global Sustainability Ambassador, Doraemon, who has traveled back in time, will help create a better future for the world by presenting the brand’s sustainability initiatives in fun and easily understandable ways. Rendering Doraemon and the UNIQLO logo green underscores the company’s determination to accelerate its sustainability efforts. Doraemon Sustainability Mode will feature in UNIQLO stores around the world, the brand websites, and other channels.

“As a LifeWear Special Ambassador, I am very happy to be involved in UNIQLO’s sustainability efforts. I too wish to learn together with everyone else and contribute, even if a few steps at a time, to a sustainable environment and society,” said Japanese actress Haruka Ayase.  

Doraemon joins Ayase and UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassadors Roger Federer, Kei Nishikori, Shingo Kunieda, Gordon Reid, Ayumu Hirano, and Adam Scott in taking UNIQLO’s sustainability initiatives forward.

LifeWear Special Ambassador Haruka Ayase is slated to participate with the character in the UNIQLO school outreach program for elementary, junior high and high school students in Japan, as the first step of her participation in UNIQLO’s sustainability efforts. The six UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassadors will also contribute to these endeavors through sport and by wearing everyday apparel incorporating environmentally friendly materials.

I can’t wait for Doraemon to reach the Philippines shores soon! Hopefully, more Filipinos would be more interested to learn about sustainability with the help of an animated character… or we can just wait for Doraemon to bring out a magical device from his pocket that can make everyone be more loving to our environment!

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4 Replies to “Green Doraemon is now UNIQLO’s Global Sustainability Ambassador!”

  1. Ang cute ni doraemon kulay green 😍 nakakatuwa si doraemon ang global sustainability ambassador ni UNIQLO
    ❤️ im sure maraming pilipino ang matutuwa at interested to learn about sustainability . Npaka gandang logo 😍❤️

  2. i love that “Doraemon” is the new Global Sustainability Ambassador of UNIQLO. his character in the anime is amazing and my favorite coz he has almost everything that we need on his pocket and he can even time travel. i think this partnership is perfect coz they both can provide positive social change and contribute to sustainability initiatives of UNIQLO. i also love they used doraemon’s green color.

  3. Wow naman. Seryoso po ba ito?? hehehe.. Parang nanibago ako sa kulay ngayon ni doraemon 😅 Pero Bet ko padin tong new color nya. 🥰🥰

  4. Wow🤩 I really love the whole concept of this UNIQLO for choosing Doraemon as its Global Sustainability Ambassador. Doraemon in the anime as we all know is the one sustaining what Nobita’s need which related to what UNIQLO is doing for us. Although it has a slight difference compared to the Doraemon that we know, I still love it with its new color.

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