15 Things you can do for FREE during community quarantine

New month, same quarantine rules and schedules. Opening the month of April with no tricks, just treats to help everyone cope with anxiety and stress of being stuck at home. While we can’t do anything to help our frontliners physically at this point (unless you’re a volunteer), there are different things we can learn and do at home while still being able to donate directly to organizations providing aid. Aside from activities for a cause, different companies have also teamed up to provide free learning courses for everyone.

We’ve listed everything we know in hopes of keeping your mind off of things for a while:

1. Attend Canon’s Digital Masterclass Series via FB Live

Why join: It’s an online workshop for a cause, led by professional shooters and ambassadors for free.

When: March 31 – April 28, 2020; every 8 PM (see schedule below)

Expect to learn basic photography and videography, tips and tricks and some advanced camera techniques that you can try while stuck at home. The digital masterclass will also cover various topics from food photography, architectural and interior, wedding and music events, and vlogging. Videos will be aired live on Canon Philippines’ Facebook page.

Donations can be done online via donate.paymaya.com or by using the Pay Bills function of your PayMaya app.

2. Tune in to online jamming sessions with your favorite bands, singers via Bandwidth

Why join: You can help raise funds for front liners while listening to songs and interacting with your favorite OPM bands and singers via FB Live.

When: Streaming schedules available via Bandwidth’s Facebook page.

(Photo from Bandwith PH’s Facebook page)

Bandwidth will be featuring our favorite artists like St. Wolf, One Click Straight, Banna Harbera, and Clara Benin during the community quarantine. This is their way of raising funds to fight COVID-19 and check in with their fans. To share donations while watching:

1. Open your GCash app, go to ‘Show More’.

2. Select ‘Others’ and search ‘FightCOVID19’

3. Fill in name & amount, then tap ‘Confirm’.

3. Sing along with OPM stars via Smart Music Live Online Sessions

Why join: Join online sessions for a cause and help Smart and other Pinoy artists in raising funds for frontliners.

When: April 1, 5 PM (Good Vibes Radio) and April 2, 8 PM (Piano Show Season 2)

(Photo from Smart’s Facebook page)

Pedicab, Raymund Marasigan, Eunice Jorge of Gracenote, and DJs from Magic 89.9 will be hosting Smart Music Live Online Sessions this week. Stars to be donated to the show will be converted to donations for COVID-19 frontliners. You can tune in via Smart Communications’ Facebook page.

4. Attend YogaPlus classes at home

Why join: YogaPlus aims to raise at least Php1 Million to support frontliners and create testing kits for COVID-19. You can stay healthy while in quarantine and help out at the same time.

When: Every 4 PM

(Photo from YogaPlus’ Facebook page)

YogaPlus teachers will be going live for a 60-minute yoga class every 4 PM via the YogaPlus Facebook page. All you need is a mat and a stable WiFi/data connection at home and you’re good to go! The online yoga fundraiser against the pandemic will be ongoing until April 5.

Donations are accepted via: BPI: 237-500-4979 / BDO: 0012-3801-2084 under Heraldina Salonga or PAYPAL: paypal.me/beyondthemat2020.

5. Get artsy with a free ‘Outside the Lines’ coloring book from Nicocosity

Why join: Art can help our stressed souls somehow! We can tip the artist by donating directly to the organizations linked in her page.

When: Any time!

Nicole Alejandro is a talented millennial from Manila who wants to share her downloadable coloring book in hopes of helping people who are struggling with anxiety and depression through art. She’s not asking for payment for the pages, but we can pay it forward by donating to the causes that she supports. For those who do not have a printer at home, Photoshop or Paint can be used to add color to each illustration.

6. Join live theater, improv workshops via Open House

Why join: Help raise funds for creative workers while learning via online classes

When: See schedule below.

Artists Welfare Project, Philstage, SPIT, Third World Improv, the Theater Actors Guild, and Ticket2Me created the online fundraising project Open House for the sake of those in the performing arts sector who have lost their livelihood due to the pandemic. Through Open House, you can stream live online classes, shows, and workshops featuring some of the industry’s biggest names for FREE but everyone is encouraged to donate suggested amounts in the form of tickets to simulate the tradition of live theater and help raise funds for the project. You can watch via One Night Stand Cabaret’s Facebook page.

Donations can be sent via bit.ly/DonateOpenHouse.

7. Watch the #RadioGivesBack Charity Concert from Home

Why join: Charity fundraising concert from radio stations

When: April 6, 5 PM via lzd.co/LazadaCharityConcert

Lazada Philippines partners with Magic 89.9, Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1 and Play 99.5 to host two special sessions of #RadioGivesBack: A LazadaForGood Charity Concert From Home. The two one-hour charity fundraising concert sessions will be livestreamed exclusively on the Lazada app via LazLive, and broadcasted simultaneously through our radio partners. First concert happened last March 30 with Karylle, Yael Yuzon, Itchyworms, Munimuni, and Barbie Almalbis. Next set will be live on April 6 at 5:00PM.

8. Attend Fujifilm Academy Online to learn photography and videography

Why join: Acquire new skills and learn from industry experts in the field of photography and videography for free

When: Fujifilm Academy Online schedule can be found below.

(Photo from Fujifilm PH’s page)

Fujifilm Philippines would like to uplift the community by sharing lessons for free during this critical time. This is their way of showing support and encouragement so people can continue pursuing their passions even while staying at home. Videos are aired live via the Fujifilm Philippines Facebook page.

9. Revive an old hobby or learn a new skill

Why: Learning new things can help keep your mind off stressful happenings and give you something to look forward to each day.

When: Any time

YouTube is the place to visit for DIY projects and tutorials. Personally, I started working on puzzles and building blocks that I’ve kept in my shelf for so long. For those who have a ukulele that has been untouched for months, I recommend that you take lessons from this YouTube Channel. This is also a good time to continue reading the books from our Big Bad Wolf haul last February. Anything to keep your mind at peace somehow!  

10. Learn a new language via Duolingo

Why join: New skill for free

When: Any time

(Screenshot from Duolingo app)

Downloadable via Google Play and Apple App Store, Duolingo houses quizzes for those who want to learn different languages. You can choose the level of difficulty and the language. I’m currently on my third level of Hiragana under the Japanese course!

11. Create letters for COVID-19 patients with your baby siblings or kids

Why join: Letters are given to patients to brighten up their day <3

When: Letters can be submitted any time

(Image by Tyn Reyna / IG & YT @RosanneAraneta)

To help COVID-19 patients recover physically and emotionally, Dr. Nicole Perreras of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) is giving away scanned artworks and letters from kids to admitted patients. Who wouldn’t love receiving a genuine get-well-soon message from a kid, right? This post has been circulating on social media last week and you can still send a scanned copy of letters/artworks to covidletters@gmail.com.

12. Teach kids at home via Scholastic Learn at Home

Why: An easy way to continue kids’ classes even though they’re at home. Lessons are fun and interactive, too!

When: Any time

(Screenshot from Scholastic Learn at Home website)

To keep the young ones pre-occupied while at home, you can use Scholastic Learn at Home videos and activities to teach them something new each day. One month of missing school and classes is no joke! Gotta keep those minds running, right? You can choose the grade level that fits their skills via classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html.

13. Explore NASA’s media library from the comfort of your home

Why: It’s educational!

When: Any time

(Screenshot from NASA Images)

Although this has been around for over 3 years already, you now have more time to explore NASA’s public library and search different things via their direct database. A little treat for those who love looking at the stars and getting a closer look at what lies beyond our skies. This can be accessed at https://images.nasa.gov/.

14. Learn something new from 450 Ivy League courses available online

Why: Because we should never stop learning. These courses can cost a fortune when taken in a full semester, but the shortened online courses can help a lot.

When: Any time!

(Photo from Class Central)

For those who want a more complex set of readings, you can head to Class Central and make the most out of the 450 Ivy League courses available online. They’re offering classes from 6-12 weeks on various subjects – including Justice, Moralities of Everyday Life, Classical Music, Biomedical Research Data Management, and Ancient Philosophy. Full syllabus can be viewed here:  www.classcentral.com/collection/ivy-league-moocs

15. Consult doctors, hear stories from COVID-19 patients via PHCAN during their Q&A session

Why join: Publicly ask questions to doctors, hear first-hand stories from COVID-19 patients for free

When: April 4, 2 PM and April 11, 2PM

On April 4, the Public Health Communications Advisory Network (PHCAN) will be holding a Facebook Live session with Dr. Isip-Tan and Dr. Aileen Espina to educate people regarding COVID-19. Viewers can also ask questions during the session. On April 11, patients who were able to recover from the virus will also be sharing stories about what they went through.

Hope this helps! Stay safe and healthy, everyone! For more updates on how to help and for suggestions on what you can do during the lockdown, follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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