The idea behind #CesPlays on our YouTube Channel (+ Episode 1!)

Hope everyone is still safe and sound at home! We’re almost done with our one-month mandatory community quarantine to #FlattenTheCurve caused by COVID-19. Wishing for everything to go back to normal soon (though I highly doubt it unless we find a cure for the virus).

Just for a bit of good vibes (which I’m super thankful for since not everyone has the privilege of doing random stuff at home during this pandemic), let me share the idea behind a mini project that I’m working on to keep content running on our YouTube Channel: Being stuck at home even on weekends, I was finally able to find time to assemble my small building blocks that have been gathering dust on my shelf for months now. I’ve been building these micro blocks since last year and part of the most-asked questions are: “How many days did it take you to build that?”, “Where did you buy that?”, and “Is it hard to assemble?”

With these quick videos called #CesPlays, I hope I’d be able to show you how easy (or hard) it is to work with micro blocks from Miniso. That’s where I got my We Bare Bears set and the White House building blocks. The first video is already out – a super duper easy Miniso Mini Cactus, but the next five will be dedicated to one of my favorite cartoons – Adventure Time!


After this set, expect to see more toys on my channel. Hopefully, I’d be able to feature the Funko Pops that I recently ordered and a couple of anime Figmas that my sister asked me to get for her. I won’t be removing my Manila Millennial Features and Q&As on the channel, though! #CesPlays will have a dedicated playlist in case you want to watch building blocks and other toy-related videos. I just find it fun to remind myself to take things easy from time to time, and I hope these videos will do the same for you, too!

Videos will be uploaded every other week for now, but I promise that I’ll be trying my best to edit something on a weekly basis. Not like I have thousands of viewers to please, it’s just more of me trying to push through with this mini project that I’ve been planning to start for years. Random, right? Super random, you’ll see different parts of our house in every video. LOL!

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