Huawei Mate XS, MatePad Pro, and 3 new things to watch out for this 2020

2020 seems to be an exciting year for the tech industry! Foldable phones, tablets with clear cameras, more laptops with fingerprint sensors – these are just some of the cool features that we’ve hoped for before but tech brands are now making them a reality. In fact, Manila Millennial was able to witness the introduction of 5 new exciting things from Huawei just last Monday (February 24, 2020) during the Huawei Consumer Business Group Product and Strategy Virtual Launch at Grand Hyatt in BGC.

Because these are too good not to share, here’s a quick peek at what you can expect to be launched here in the Philippines soon:

1. Huawei Mate Xs

Notable features: A foldable phone made with Zirconium-based liquid metal, 30% harder than Titanium Alloy. It runs on Kirin 990 5G and is even expected to have 21% longer battery life compared to the Mate XS and even the Galaxy Fold 5G! With more space on the screen, it’s also easier to multi-task via multiple windows.

The Mate Xs has a SuperSensing Leica Quad Camera – 40MP SuperSensing Wide, 8MP Telephoto, 16MP Ultra-Wide, and a 3D depth sensing ToF Camera. These cameras make it possible for the Mate Xs to have 45x zooming range and 2.5cm macro photography.

Expected launch: March 2020

Price: £2499 (8GB+512GB)

2. Huawei MatePad Pro

Notable features: Tablets better make way for this new contender! MatePad Pro is dubbed as the “World’s Most Powerful 5G Tablet”, making smooth gaming possible. It has a bigger display at 90% compared to other brands’ screen space, enabling easier use of the Huawei App Multiplier and multi-screen collaboration. It has a punch-hole design so you can appreciate binge-watching your favorite series and movies through this tablet. Speaking of watching videos, it’s also packed with quad-speakers and quad-channels for better audio.

Other than these, the tablet can be used to charge other devices even if you don’t have a cable with you. This is the first wireless charging tablet in the market!

It will be launched in 4 different colors – orange, green, grey, and white, along with a case made out of vegan leather.

Expected launch: April 2020


  • £549 (6GB+128GB, WiFi)
  • £649 (8GB+256GB, WiFi)
  • £749 (8GB+256GB, WiFi)
  • £599 (6GB+128GB, LTE)
  • £699 (8GB+256GB, LTE)
  • £799 (8GB+256GB, 5G)
  • £949 (8GB+512GB, 5G)

Sleeve, M-Pencil, Smart Keyboard, and Folio Cover sold separately.

3. Huawei Laptops: MateBook X Pro, MateBook D 15, and MateBook D 14

(Screenshot from Huawei Mobile’s Digital Launch Video)

Notable Features: Our favorite – the 13.9” Matebook X Pro, has a touch-screen display with 3000 x 2000 resolution, 260 PPI and 100% sRGB color gamut, but has Low Power Consumption LTPS. It’s backed by the latest generation processor, 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10510U! On the other hand, the MateBook D 14 and D 15 comes with a fingerprint power button, pre-installed Windows 10 and Office 365. If. You’re using a Huawei device, you’re also entitled to the Drag and Drop feature which makes it easier to access and transfer files via mobile to laptop and vice versa.

(Screenshot from Huawei Mobile’s Digital Launch Video)

Expected launch: TBA


  • MateBook X Pro: £1999 (i7+16GB+1TB SSD+MX250)
  • MateBook D 15: £949 (i5+8GB+256GB SSD+1TB HDD+ MX250)
  • MateBook D 14: £949 (i5+8GB+256GB SSD+1TB HDD+ MX250)

4. Huawei AppGallery

(Screenshot from Huawei Mobile’s Digital Launch Video)

A new alternative to Google Play and App Store, the Huawei AppGallery aims to introduce their own storage to deliver apps from developers to consumers soon. More details about this will be shared soon!

5. 5G CPE Pro 2 and AX3 WiFi Router

This new router is set to boost smartphone performance up to 160MHz with WiFi 6+. It’s packed with an  end-to-end WiFi 6+ Chipset, the Gigahome 650 for the router and Kirin W650 for the smartphone.

The Huawei WiFi AX3 will be the world’s first WiFi 6+ wireless router with quad-core high performance and a tap-to-connect feature via Huawei Share. On the other hand, the Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 is said to be the fastest CPE with WiFi 6+ at the moment, offering up to 3.6Gbps for 5G DL speed.

Complete specs and PH prices to be revealed once these are launched locally. For more updates on our latest tech finds, don’t forget to follow Manila Millennial via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! We’ve got high, high hopes for upcoming product launches. 😉

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