Uniqlo 2020 Spring/Summer Collection: Inspired by livable cities, sustainability efforts

Welcome to 2020 where picking an outfit not only depends on style and design, but also on comfort and sustainability. More and more people are starting to focus on usable pieces – most of which have minimalist designs that are versatile enough to be used for different occasions. This is probably why people my age are usually drawn to Uniqlo – a Japanese brand, which recently launched their 2020 Spring/ Summer Collection inspired by livable cities and backed by their sustainability efforts to reduce environmental footprints.

In case your wardrobe isn’t screaming “Welcome to Uniqlo!”  yet, here’s a look at the new LifeWear pieces that may just convince you to grab some soon:


My favorite category out of the three, which brings us back to basics. According to the description under this set, Uniqlo’s main inspiration came from “efforts to expand urban farming for local consumption” so Uniqlo opted to focus on organic materials, functionality, and attention to detail. They also reduced environmental footprint within the manufacturing processes in crafting Denim Jackets and Jeans by using 99% less than the water that is originally used for such.

I personally love the color of this jacket that I got under this category! Initially took a photo of the off-white version but it’s hard to keep my eyes off fresh colors for a change. Linen Cotton Jackets are amazing!

Uniqlo’s Jogger Cargo Pants can be used in the office but at the same time, it’s comfortable enough for other tasks that you need to attend to after work.


To celebrate convenience and functionality of cityscapes and natural environs to materialize better living, Uniqlo brought urban and natural landscapes together through designs for our everyday wear #OOTDs.

For the outdoors, you’ll find pieces like BLOCKTECH Parkas which protect the wearer from wind and rain, Dry Sweatpants which has a quick-drying performance for ease of movement, Pocketable UV Cut Parkas which are compact enough to fit in any type of bag you have, and Light Padded Parkas which keep you warm after watersports.


Inspiring creativity with functional beauty, Uniqlo employed new ideas in minimalism with long and lean silhouettes and a mineral color-inspired palette.

Under this category, you’ll find pieces like Trench Coats in contemporary monotone hues, Kando Jackets with light fabrics, Sporty Polo Shirts with AIRism technology, and Slim-fit Tailored Jackets which have a linen-like fabric.

Uniqlo also introduced three more collections under the 2020 Spring/Summer Collection in partnership between world-renowned designers:

Hana Tajima SS20

A collection from New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima, which expresses the world’s rich cultural diversity with graceful forms and exceptional comfort. Hana Tajima aims to make everyday wear more flexible for different body types and free women from stress over wether or not the outfit would look good on them.

JW Anderson SS20

For London-based fashion brand JW Anderson’s LifeWear collection, the focus is on functionality combined with British Country Style. Each piece highlights their playful take on traditional British patterns like gingham checks and patchworks. They also introduced a kids line, which will be out by March this year.

Uniqlo U

This collection is created by a team of international designers based at the Uniqlo Paris Research and Development Center, led by Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire. Uniqlo U is enriched and refined by the team through their luxury brand expertise.

There are a lot of pieces from the SS20 that I haven’t mentioned yet but as always, it’s best to see it for yourself to know which ones really fit well with your style preferences. While it’s great that Uniqlo is already doing their part for sustainable fashion, we should also keep in mind that we’re part of the cycle for these pieces that we purchase. It’s important to consider how long you’d be able to use the item and what you intend to do with them after a couple of years. In case you need suggestions, we recommend that you donate your used Uniqlo clothings through Uniqlo stores so they can give them a second life. Donated clothes will then be distributed to refugees and those in need.

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