Q&A: Phone-related fun facts about James Reid

Whenever celebrities are interviewed, it’s almost always about their love life, style inspiration, family gossips, next steps in their career, or a political mishap. However, we believe that in order to get to know a person better, you should know what he/she keeps in his/her phone. That’s exactly what the media did at the recent Huawei Nova 5T launch with Huawei’s latest endorser, James Reid.

Led by a host, everyone at the SM North EDSA The Block Atrium witnessed how James shared bits of information about the contents of his phone and what current model he’s using. Here are quotes from the quick Q&A:

Too adorable!

Question: How many photos of your girlfriend do you have on your Huawei Nova 5T?

James: I can’t count. How am I supposed to count that. Too many! About 1 million.”

Question: How many videos of your dog, Calcifer, do you have on your phone?

James: “Actually, it’s all in Nadine’s (phone). Nadine takes the photos.”

Question: How do you feel about your partnership with Huawei Nova 5T?

James: “After the success of Nova 3, which I also endorsed, I was really excited for the brand new refreshed Nova 5T. It’s young, it’s cool, it’s hip.”

This is my favorite, the Midsummer Purple. It has a 3D holographic design, it’s really refreshed, of course there’s blue and black – which I also like. There’s a style for everyone. After that, it has to be the 5 AI cameras. This has four at the back and one in the front.”

Question: What other features, aside from the camera, do you think stands out in the brand new Nova 5T?

James: “Besides the cameras, of course, the holographic design and the surround-sound system. You know I love music, so it’s perfect for me.”

Question: What song would you totally blast at the highest volume on this phone right now?

James: “Right now? Top of my head: Cool Down.”

It’s not much, but at least we got to know pieces of information to add to our James Reid Fun Facts! This young singer-actor is currently using the latest Huawei mid-range model, the Nova 5T. Based on what we saw during the launch, he’s sporting the limited-edition Midsummer Purple variant, which was only available for pre-order.

The Nova 5T is the only mobile phone (so far) that has a quad-camera at the rear, a front camera with 32MP, a 3750mAh battery with fast charging, and a Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 980 just like the P30 Pro’s for P18,990 only. You can find the full specs in our previous article: [QUICK LOOK: Huawei Nova 5T full specs, first impressions].

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