Face Mask Facepalm Moment: A friendly reminder about 2-layered masks + Tips

Who doesn’t love skin care?? At this age, we’re already exploring all the possible ways to keep our skin looking young and healthy amidst the stress we face every single day. However, being a noob at skin care, we may tend to overlook proper ways on how to use specific products like face masks. I’m here to share one of my epic fails because I was too lazy to check the instructions on the pack.

Face masks may seem like one of the easiest things to try in the market, but that’s where I got things WRONG. All my life, I thought layers of face masks were meant for “double moisturization” but here’s where reading “How To Use” notes behind a product’s packaging becomes essential. We received Garnier Skin Naturals face masks months ago (and this is a super late upload because my files got corrupted) and it taught me a super important lesson that is worth sharing.

For face masks with two layers, always READ INSTRUCTIONS on how to apply them. Garnier Skin Naturals Serum Masks, for example, has two sheets – a main mask and a blue protective film that should be removed. The white mask is the only sheet that needs to be left on your face for 15-minutes. The blue film is supposed to help you place the mask without touching the main sheet too much.

Other Tips:

1.Always keep your hair away from your face when applying masks. Use a headband!

2. Remove makeup and cleanse face with micellar water before anything else.

3. Put on the mask (and don’t forget to remove the blue layer, should there be any)

4. Massage remaining essence into your skin after 15 minutes.

5. There are specific masks used for dry skin, normal/combination skin, and oily skin. Consult your dermatologist or read the ingredients part of a face mask before making a purchase.

Garnier Recommendations:

  • Dry and normal/combination skin: To combat dullness, use Garnier Serum Mask Light Complete, which is a super-hydrating brightening tissue mask that contains lemon, Vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. For tiredness, use Garnier Serum Mask Hydra Bomb Super-Hydrating Soothing Tissue Mask, which intensely rehydrates, reduces fatigue and relaxes skin, thanks to its lavender components.
  • Oily skin: To help minimize dullness and large pores, Garnier Black Serum Mask Pure Charcoal is the way to go. It’s a purifying and hydrating pore-tightening tissue mask which helps detoxify, hydrate, and refine skin. For those who are prone to acne and those who have oily skin, there’s Garnier Serum Mask Hydra Bomb Super-Hydrating Purifying Tissue Mask that helps rehydrate and reduce appearance of pores.

I’ve already tried all variants, thanks to the month-long gaps before I had the chance to retrieve the files for this video! I do hope I was able to help you skip a face mask facepalm moment!!

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‘Til the next video!


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