REVIEW: Leaving a mark with mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by Avon

Wow, bold lip color! Saan ang party?”

“Guys prefer makeup that are natural looking.”

“Taray, nude lips! Parang pasyente sa ospital.”

How often do we, girls, hear these degrading remarks from our peers on a day-to-day basis? Society has this dated idea that women make all the effort just to be noticed by a man, but we’re seen as lazy if we don’t fix our appearance. But in reality, it’s just our way to express ourselves – our different moods and emotions—regardless of what other people think. Such is the idea behind the new mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by AVON, which encourages women to be unapologetic about their beauty and we’re here to see how they’re going to do just that!

Your Manila Millennial recently got 9 new stunning shades which take pride in its 4,000 prismatic pearls that shine with every move. We swatched them all for you here:


mark. Lip Prism Lipstick by Avon

All Lip Prism Lipsticks have a similar packaging – a sparkly violet design which has a faint glimmer when you look at it under any light. It has a strong lock and an Avon logo on two sides. You can identify which color is which by checking the label below, containing the name and color of the tube.

My package came in a bit late and was unfortunately left at a hot area for some time, but it was a good challenge since the lippies inside did not budge. All tubes are still in ship-shape and they did not melt inside. Opening it, you’ll find that all lippies have a “mark.” logo and the prismatic pearls are very evident.  

This type of packaging looks very classy and it perfectly represents the shimmer that you’ll find inside. What I love most about it is that the brand name isn’t too striking.


This collection features the boldest and hottest colors of 2019, including coral (Energy Flash shade), the Pantone color of the year. The line is a mix of Reds & Corals, Plums & Wines, Pinks & Mauves, and Nudes. As someone who works in the morning and attends events at night, I’ve categorized it into two – shades that you can wear to work in the morning and shades that are perfect for night-time events. This might also help you pick which ones you like best from the bunch.

Shade for morning-wear
Night-time shades

These took around 3 swipes to get that much color, but it’s worth noting that it glides easily and has a buildable formula. My top three favorites would be Hyper Fusion, Nude Eclipse, and Blast Off. You know how much I love brown shades!


According to Avon’s global website, there are 20 shades to choose from but these are what we have so far!


According to the product description, every swipe “gives you 4,000 prismatic pearls that shine with every move, creating a show-stopping look that lasts for hours” and indeed, this has a potential to be a go-to product for those who want to stand out of the crowd. I personally haven’t seen other lippies in the market that uses Pearl Elixir technology, which enables 4.5 million prismatic pearls to be contained in every lipstick.

Reflective Scandal

It easily transfers and smudges when you’re not careful, but it can stay on for half a day as long as you don’t eat or drink that much. It’s necessary to re-apply it multiple times throughout the day so it can be a hassle for those who don’t have time to check their look.

Hyper Fusion

From the tube, you can easily tell that it has a strong scent that is quite hard to explain. It’s lime-like but not quite. You won’t be able to smell it once it’s on your lips, though.


.mark Lip Prism Lipstick by Avon

For only P299, this lippie is already promising. I’d recommend it to ladies who want the power of a pigmented bold lippie and gloss combined in an affordable product. Not recommendable to those who don’t want to re-touch, though.


Let’s start with the nice parts: The product feels very light on the lips even though you swipe it again and again. It feels moisturizing and it also doesn’t crack throughout the day. The outcome is very glossy-like, thanks to its multi-reflective finish through the prismatic pearls. The colors, albeit very bold, are versatile for day-to-night activities. You can easily switch from a nude lippie to a daring plum!

However, it can also be challenging to use at times: Due its formula, it isn’t transfer-proof and it tends to smudge if you accidentally touch part of your lips. It’s easy to fix that, but what bothers me is the amount of glitter-like product that I accidentally leave everywhere – on my fingers, on my coffee cup, on utensils and even on parts of my face when I wipe them away. Of course, this depends on your daily routine but since I move so much from time to time, this tends to happen.

It looks very nice, though! It can definitely make a mark, leave a statement, and make you literally feel all glammed up. Would still continue to use it, but only during specific events.

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