New Look, ‘New Life’: How you can enhance your features without breaking the bank

Millennials belong to a generation that is very open-minded about things – may it be from gender equality, a person’s sexual orientation, or even freedom to alter one’s body according to his/her liking. We no longer conform to standards of beauty, yet we’re also open to making a difference in ourselves to help boost our self-esteem. For those like us, who continuously feel insecure about a certain part of our body – due to genetics, sickness, or a previous accident, here’s an opportunity for us to grab a new look and live a new life with NEWLIFE Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

NEWLIFE isn’t all about vanity. In their aim to promote beauty and wellness, the team behind the aesthetic plastic surgery clinic is launching a search for two NEWLIFE Angels – one male and one female, which will enable the chosen ones to enhance their features for FREE. Don’t worry, though. NEWLIFE’s services are a mix of both invasive and non-invasive.

To join, here’s what you need to do:

(Photo from NEWLIFE’s Facebook page)

STEP 1: Application

If you’re at least 18 years old , has a healthy body, good moral character, and you’re mentally ready to undergo recommended plastic and cosmetic procedures, then you’re instantly one step closer!

Just fill out the form at and follow them on their social media platforms. Make sure that you have a face and full body photo of yourself, which needs to be submitted through the website.

Applicants are required to make a post on their social media accounts informing everyone that they are participating in the “Search for NEWLIFE Angels”.

The application process will run until July 15, 2019.

What NEWLIFE doctors stand for. (Photo from NEWLIFE’s Facebook page)

STEP 2: Selection

From July 16 – 30, a panel of judges (both from NEWLIFE and their co-sponsors) will be sifting through the entries and choose top 40 candidates.

The final list will be announced on August 8 at 12 noon through NEWLIFE’s Facebook page.

By August 15, those who will make the cut will battle it out on whose photo will gain the most reactions and engagements. Yes, it’s a popularity contest.

STEP 3: Engagement

The top 40 candidates will be invited for a photoshoot between August, 10 – 14, 2019. The pictures taken will be used in the Battle Round. Successful candidates, who are unable to attend the photoshoot because of their distance to Manila, may opt to submit their photos through email.

On August 15, 2019 at exactly 12 noon, photos of each of the top 40 candidates will be published on NEWLIFE’s Facebook page. From then onward, voting kicks off. The photos of the top 40 will be pegged against each other and anyone on Facebook may vote for them.

Number of votes will be computed from August 15-30, based on the following “Point Assignment”: 10 votes for every share, 7 votes for every comment, 6 votes for every love reaction, 5 votes for every like, 5 votes for wow reactions, 3 for haha reactions, 2 for sad reactions, and 1 for angry reactions. The result from the voting period shall form 70% of the total score. 30% will be coming from the panel of judges from NEWLIFE.

STEP 4: Announcement

The winners of the Search for NEWLIFE Angels will be announced on August 31, 2019 through social media.

Just one of the many services that are up for grabs. (Photo from NEWLIFE’s Facebook page)

STEP 5: Transformation

The transformation of the chosen NEWLIFE Angels will be documented throughout their journey. Once their transformation is complete, NEWLIFE will be introducing them to the public as their new angels. This includes a video and photo shoot!

And that’s it! We’re all only a few steps away from getting all the necessary corrections done to our body.

Before we go, let’s make things clear:People would often ask us why we have plastic and cosmetic surgery stories in our blog if we want to empower? Our answer is simple. We continue to help break the unrealistic standards, but we also believe that people have the freedom to choose and to do something about anything that brings them down. If happiness can be found in such alterations, then so be it. People who go through surgery get usually judged, but some avail it because they are already being judged anyway. Here’s to whatever makes each one of us happy! <3

Good luck to everyone who will be joining, may your NEWLIFE journey really grant you a new life! For updates on other beauty hacks and contests within the Metro, follow Manila Millennial Facebook, Twitteror Instagram! 

NEWLIFE is located at Centuria Medical Makati in Century City, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St. Brgy. Poblacion, Makati.

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