The new GINeration: This ‘inuman’ staple screams ‘I’m hip and young’ all over!

We’d be lying if we tell you that colors and design do not contribute to our purchase choices in life! Just like how kids go after cute and colorful things, we millennials are usually attracted to everything that is “aesthetic AF”. By this, we mean artsy, visually appealing, and something that can perfectly fit our Pinterest boards. This is the same reason why we recently got drawn into premium gin bottles that come in clear, pink, and green variants in floral-printed bottles!

(L-R): The Bar Lime Gin, The Bar Pink Gin, and The Bar Premium Dry Gin.

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, The Bar Premium Gin has already released their tropical-vibed gin variants that are infused with imported botanicals from Spain. Before the word “premium” scares you off, let’s reveal the price: P95 SRP per pretty bottle only! Aside from the millennial-esque look, each variant is also bursting with flavors that are not usually found in local gin products (a.k.a. your dad’s drink). It can be enjoyed over ice, as gin and tonic, and topped with clear soda (like Sprite). This is why these types of gin are commonly used in bar mixes as well.

Before we share our experience with The Bar, let us introduce you to three of our future party partners:

PINK GIN: To those who drink pink on Wednesdays (and other days)

Looks pretty in pink, but this variant is more than a lady’s drink. Men can drink pink, too! Unlike your Mean Girls, this drink can go beyond Wednesdays. It packs a flavorful punch of mixed berries and 70 proof of alcohol by volume (ABV) that fits any occasion for any day of the week.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink: Manila Millennial’s color is millennial pink! We blend in well, don’t we?

LIME GIN: The Zesty Party Partner

A drink that screams “tropical party” all over, The Bar Green is infused with lime flavors to give you that zing of zesty vibes for the night (or day). Like The Bar Pink, it also has 70 proof, enough to keep you feeling light and relaxed.

Lighten up tonight!

PREMIUM DRY GIN: For the Classic Drinker

Berries and lime are not for everyone. For those who enjoy the classic and simple things in life, there’s The Bar Premium Dry Gin with purely imported botanicals from Andalusia, Spain – the pride of gin makers. This has a higher ABV than the others at 75 proof.

The Bar Premium Dry Gin up close. (Photo from Osmond Chua)

We’ve already partied with The Bar during their Pink Gin Party at The Island in BGC last Wednesday (September 12, 2018), so it’s cool to see that they’re introducing more new GINeration twists like these premium drinks with youthful vibes. For only P95, more people can now enjoy Spanish gin. Not to mention all these thyme, juniper, mint, coriander, orris root, grapefruit, and almond content that we never knew were part of the mix!

Expect to see more of up-and-coming stars like Chienna Filomeno, Derrick Monasterio, and Kiko Estrada as The BaR unveils more exciting things for the new generation. For now, here’s a peek at additional photos we took during the hippest pink gin party in town:

Peek-a-boo! Winner winner, GINkin dinner!

Oops,I GIN it again. How many gin puns can you say in one night?

GINuine friendships are the best! Holler at the millennial team if you see us around. Drink moderately!

Drinking while chilling by the poolside. The Bar got a really nice location and menu for the night. So GINerous!

Be part of The Bar new generation and grab these youthful flavors at and 7-Eleven branches nationwide.

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