Word Wonder 101: A quick guide to Century City Mall’s 3-day book bazaar

Let’s get things straight: There are more book bazaars beyond those that are housed in huge convention centers. Plus, you can save way more if you go for pre-loved books that are still as good as new! There are quality books everywhere – Morayta, Divisoria, Escolta, and even in ukay-ukays. These gems are just waiting to be found, but if you’re not the type of person who would explore the entire stretch of Manila in search of secondhand and rare books, the Word Wonder: A Book Bazaar at the Century City Mall will be perfect for you.

To guide you in your 3-day journey, here are things you should know, photos with some of the best titles and prices that I saw, and interesting spots that you might want to check out:

Have fun looking through all the titles!

WHERE: Century City Mall (4th Floor and 5th Floor, Events Center)

From the ground floor of the mall, you can take either the escalator or the elevator going up the 4th floor. You’ll easily spot a white-walled area with a registration table when you get there. That will be the first stop of your Word Wonder journey where you’ll find a mix of arts and crafts, books, and food. Make sure to save a lot of money because way more books are waiting for you at the 5th floor. You can take the stairs or elevator going to the Events Center of the mall.

It can be quite challenging to go through everything. All it takes is a lot of patience! 😉

WHAT: Books for as low as P10, arts and crafts

Over 10,000 books, magazines, comic books, bookmarks, stickers, and arts and crafts are available at the venue. Most of the books are pre-loved but in mint condition, thus the price range of P10-P3,000. I suggest that you head over to the 5th floor first because most of the young adult books are there. Classic novels, magazines, and artsy items are at the 4th floor.

The books came from the collection of The Reading Room, Book Ends, Porch Reader Philippines, Romance Class, OMF Literature, Inc. and Save Our Schools Network.

Other activities and talks, which you can attend for FREE, are:


  • 4 PM: Word Wonder Doodle Day Workshop
  • 6 PM: Wanggo Gallaga


  • 1 PM: Geoselle Dela Cruz
  • 2 PM: Monique Obligacion
  • 3 PM: Making Children’s Books: A Workshop by Beverly Wico Siy
  • 6 PM: Manix Abrera of Kikomachine Komiks


  • 1 PM: Save Our Schools Network
  • 2 PM: Tet Mora’s The Love of Reading Starts at Home Workshop
  • 4 PM: Word Wonder Mandala-Making Workshop
  • 6 PM: CARA Welfare Philippines talk

WHEN: August 31 – September 2, 2018

Make the weekend more enjoyable by getting the books that you’ve been looking for at a lower price! Best time to go is in the morning when not a lot of shoppers are in the mall. The venue is already open by 11 AM and sellers will start packing up by 9:00 PM.

MUST-HAVES: The most interesting finds in the venue

Complete Series and Novels (Hardbound/ Paperback)

Check out the Harry Potter books at the 5th floor. They have copies that have not been released in the Philippines!

Wide collection to choose from!

Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Twilight, anyone?

Some of the current millennial-favorites.

There are areas where all the books can be bought for only P50.

4th floor finds.

Surprises Out of Boxes: New, used, and vintage books (can be ordered through Amazon)

The Tales of Beedle the Bard!!!

Complete C.S. Lewis books

Look at those pages!

It’s hard to find covers like this in bookstores.

Porch Reader Philippines 

Most requested titles from Porch Reader Philippines.

RomanceClass Books

Different topics, light read!

P50 Magazines and Books from Local Authors

What a steal!

Copperazo Accessories

Everything is made out of copper.


Upcycled Accessories from Further

These are made out of book and magazine pages, upcycled to to turn into accessories.

Wear what you read!

Stickers + Arts and Crafts

Most affordable stickers (P10) at the 5th floor.

A personal favorite – Offbeat Cat at the 4th floor.

Aggretsuko, Fate Grand Order, and more stickers at the 4th floor.

Artsy Cassey creations featuring your favorite characters.

Yarn, anyone?

#BuffyYarn creations and yarn supplies

A mix of artsy items at Artdelamar.

Gift cards, in case you want to give the books you bought as gifts!


Buffalo Milk for only P50 from The Transport Queen in case you get thirsty!

More delicacies from The Transport Queen (5th Floor)

TIP: Bring an eco bag (and lots of cash) if you’re planning to buy a lot of books. Most of the sellers place the items in brown bags. Eco-friendly!

Let us know what you were able to buy at the Word Wonder! For questions, you may get in touch by following Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitterand Instagram. For instant updates about the bazaar, visit:

Word Wonder: A Book Bazaar

Facebook: Century City Mall 

Instagram: @centurycitymallph

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