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Cheers to Substance Laser & Skincare!

August 18 was a memorable day for the people behind Substance Laser & Skincare at Robinsons Galleria. This was the day that their aesthetic clinic officially opened its doors to the public with the aim of making beauty services more affordable. No laser service goes over P3,800! Before you throw in your “love how you really look like” comments carelessly, let me tell you what lasers really do and why this place became close to our heart.

Opening of Substance Laser & Skincare clinic at the 3rd floor , Upper Veranda of Robinsons Galleria (in front of Samgyupsalamat).

Jill, the owner of Substance Laser & Skincare, met with our group before the opening and she shared what made her want to put up a business like this in the Philippines. Apparently, when she was young, she had also gone through self-esteem issues due to skin problems like most of us. She’s not a dermatologist who plainly wanted to earn, she was more of a patient who understands what it’s like to go after skincare solutions that cost a fortune. It’s more of a personal goal for her to make clear, healthy-looking skin more accessible and affordable to the public. Who doesn’t want to get rid of impurities that only cause insecurities anyway? You can’t tell someone who has been bullied because of acne to just embrace how they look like, so we totally understand why these services are becoming a necessity here in the country.

Your Manila Millennial with Substance owner, Jill.

Substance clinic now stands after 10 years of tried-and-tested research with fellow doctor friends. Their services range from Diamond Peels and Masks, to Facial and Laser services. These laser services were not really meant to alter how you look like in one snap. There are different types that you can avail after consulting their licensed dermatologist.

To give you an idea on what services they offer, here’s a quick rundown:


Interior of Substance Laser & Skincare.

The Holy Grail Laser – Also known as Q-Switch Laser Toning Treatment, this is designed to lighten brown spots and address pigmentation, acne marks, dull skin, and pimples. It’s very safe and non-invasive. (P3,800)

The Hollywood Peel – A skin rejuvenation treatment for melasma. It is said to improve textural irregularities and stimulate collagen production to maintain your skin’s youthful glow. (P3,800)

Botox – There are three types that you can avail. There’s one for lines and creasers, one for facial contouring, and one for excessive sweating. It’s non-surgical and has been proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles. (P280 per unit)


We’ll let you know what these equipment are for as soon as we try their services!

V-Lift Facial Contour – Using Radio Frequency energy, this treatment helps redefine contours along the jawline and chin, tighten enlarged pores, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. (Face – P1,500/ Face and Neck – P2,000)

Hydra Ultrasound Infusion – Through an ultrasonic facial that uses high-level sound wave technology, one can stimulate blood circulation, help lymphatic drainage, increase cell metabolism, tighten and tone the skin, reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, and cleanse away toxins. (Face -P2,500/ Face and Neck -P2,800)


Beds with curtains for privacy while you’re getting your facial.

Substance also offers Four Seasons Peel for congested, luck-luster skin; Anti-Acne Peel for acne-prone skin; Milky Way Peel for sensitive, aging skin; Diamond Peel for dull, uneven skin; Good to Glow Facial for dry skin; Bubble Workout Facial for tired, stressed skin, and Pimple Popper Service. These only cost between P800 – P3,366.

There are more in store for their clients, but it will always be best to get the treatment that the dermatologist would recommend after thoroughly checking your skin. Don’t forget to show our code, SUBSTANCECES18, for a free consultation** or show them this article when you visit in order to avail the 20% off promo until end of September!

By the way, the clinic has a very chic design, you might want to pose for a photo for your ‘gram while waiting!

Watch out for our upcoming video where we’ll be trying a laser service for the very first time! Don’t forget to follow Manila Millennial on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for instant updates on the treatment that we’ll try. For more details about Substance, visit:


Facebook: Substance Laser & Skincare

Instagram: @skinbysubstanceph


*20% off discount is only applicable until end of September 2018.

**Free consultation can only be availed until end of December 2018.

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