ALTHEA ANGEL INTEL: How to use Real Fresh Skin Detoxer 10-second wash-off mask

Manila Millennial is excited to announce that we’ve recently been welcomed to Althea Korea heaven as an Angel! That means that we’ll be able to share updates about new products on Althea before it gets released. Consider it as an early peek on K-beauty finds so you can get first dibs as soon as possible!

To get you pumped up for their August box, we’re sharing a quick look at the contents of our Althea Angel August Box which includes the new collab product from Althea and Get It Beauty – a daily 10-second wash-off mask that comes in morning and night recipes. Yup, you’ve read that right. Say good bye to 10-15 minutes of leaving masks on your face just to get that dewy glow. This Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is powerful enough to revitalize the skin in just 10 seconds. Since its made with natural ingredients, it also helps promote blood circulation and detoxification through massaging it in.

Since the packaging has instructions written in Korean, here’s a quick look at each variant and a list of steps on how to use it:


To refine your skin as you start the day, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Rose helps protect and balance the pH levels of your skin. This detoxing recipe gently smooths away roughness for a radiant glow. That would also make makeup application easier! It contains bits of premium May Rose petals that are only  handpicked once in a year.


We know how tiring it can get to stay away for an additional 15 minutes at night just so you can finish your skincare routine, so Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Green Tea is here to purify and calm down our sensitive skin in just 10 seconds. The bits of green tea leaves that you can see in the product comes from the pristine island plantations of Jeju – a place that is well known for producing ingredients that are widely used in skincare products.

Fun Fact: Skin cell regeneration is most active around 10 PM. This formula can help boost the skin’s natural regeneration process through its purifying capabilities.


  1. After cleansing your face, squeeze out an ample amount of Real Fresh Skin Detoxer on your palm.
  2. Apply it on your face like a normal face mask.
  3. Leave it on for 10 seconds.
  4. Add a bit of water and massage your face in circular motion.
  5. Wash it off completely. Don’t leave it on for more than 10 seconds!

Easy, right? It’s like a normal facial cleanser with the purifying properties of a leave-on mask. Now you’ll have time for more things before welcoming the day or going to bed. You’ll also have enough products for a month because both are in 150ml tubes.

Just a tip, though: Store the products in a cool and dry place that is away from heat and direct sunlight to preserve its life. The real green tea leaves and rose petals tend to change color over time, but it shouldn’t be a cause of concern.

We personally love the night recipe because it soothes our skin after a long and tiring day. It’s really helpful for people like us who work for 8 hours, get stuck in traffic for over 2 hours, but are still trying to keep up with our skincare routine at night (even though our eyes are begging us to sleep). Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is a quick fix to all these time management and skincare problems! Thank you to Althea and Get It Beauty for coming up with products like these.

Also, happy third birthday to Althea Korea!! 

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