REVIEW: ‘Deadpool 2’ redefined what a F-I-N-E movie means

As expected, our unconventional hero (played by Ryan Reynolds) is back with another R-rated movie that is expected to reach another box office hit. Unlike the first movie that has been filled with badass scenes and witty humor that successfully introduced what kind of hero he is, Deadpool 2 reveals the emotional side of the Merc with a Mouth – which is quite unexpected.

We attended a block screening of Deadpool 2 in Glorietta Cinemas last Tuesday (May 15, 2018) and our main thought about it would be that it’s so F-I-N-E. To further explain this, I’ll be quoting a line from the movie which says that FINE stands for “f*cked up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional”. You might be thinking that they’re big words, but let’s see where everything applies.


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F*CKED UP: The first part of the movie opens with an emotional loss and Deadpool’s will to kill himself in order to understand what he’s really meant to do with his life vis-à-vis Celine Dion’s Ashes playing in the background. Of course, we know about his regenerating powers so this isn’t a big deal for him but seeing him with small lower body parts in the latter half of the movie is just way disturbing (yet funny!). It’s also quite messed up that they killed almost half of the characters that they’ve introduced in some of the trailers within just 10 minutes of screen time (wild estimate). It’s an acceptable Deadpool-type of f*ck up, though. Something that you wouldn’t be angry at in the long run.

INSECURE: It may sound like a bad word, but Deadpool’s insecurities has led to funnier lines and hilarious jabs at others superheroes – including those in DC movies. He’s even insecure about famous heroes who died in their own movies so he’s also proud that he died in this one! It’s the same insecurities that led him to continuously strive to show what he’s got and helped him get through the movie.

NEUROTIC: Disturbed, unstable, unbalanced. Pretty self-explanatory with the way Deadpool handles things on his own hands. He decides who to kill (in a bloody way) without considerations of being an X-men trainee or whatnot. But that’s Deadpool. He’s probably the first superhero who can get away with offensive jokes and havoc that he has caused.

EMOTIONAL: Both Deadpool and Cable are going through tough times and dealing with loss of a loved one. The whole movie revolves around how they’ve sought revenge and ended up coming to peace after finding a new group that they can call a “family”. If the movie wasn’t R-rated, I’d probably be convinced that it’s a family-friendly movie like what they say in the trailers!

There are a lot of good things in this movie but it can also get dragging with the usual Deadpool puns. Watching it feels like you’re talking to your friend who’s obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is in constantly on the lookout for Easter eggs in the unexpected places. Fans will not be disappointed with Deadpool 2, promise! It’s worth your money if you’re looking for a good laugh.

We personally have high hopes for future movies like this. It’s great to have Deadpool around after a stressful Avengers: Infinity War. This time, we left the cinemas without questions in our minds, but with smiles on our faces. Although we didn’t see any “Deadpool will be back” in the end credits like before, we’re taking this as a good sign. Perhaps they’re stopping Deadpool movies and expanding into Deadpool and Cable stories? Or maybe one about the badass Domino? Or perhaps a crossover with the actual X-men? We can only wish and wait for announcements as of now. We’ll keep you posted in case we hear anything from our friends over at 2oth Century Fox!

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