5 Must-try services at the newly reopened Bioessence in SM Megamall

Caring beyond beauty. This is Bioessence’s battle cry, which stands out amidst other beauty centers who only cares about facial aesthetics and nothing more.

As a premium skin and body wellness center, Bioessence provides complete non-invasive services that rejuvenates the skin, the body, and even the mind. Serving for over 23 years, it has already grown into more than 30 branches nationwide with each branch getting modified to suit the modern needs of its growing clientele all over the Philippines.

Your Manila Millennial joined the Bioessence family in reopening and blessing their branch at SM Megamall last Saturday (April 28, 2018), together with other members of the media. We were welcomed by their staff, who were dressed in colorful Mindanaoan outfits, into the newly designed branch that boasts of state of the art facilities, treatments, and machines of the latest technology inside tribal-themed rooms.

Bioessence in SM Megamall opened its doors again to the public last Saturday (April 28, 2018).

“We wanted to promote the Filipino design because we came from Davao and you know how the art there in Davao – the Mindanaoan art, the tribal art – is really beautiful with all the colors,” said Joseph Feliciano, COO of Bioessence, who was joined by his sister and Senior Vice President of Biossence for Human Resource Joanna Feliciano.

A look into one of their newly renovated rooms at Bioessence, SM Megamall.

Dr. Emma Beleno-Guerrero, the Founding President of Bioessence, takes pride in her native Davao roots as reflected in the interiors of Bioessence branches. It speaks of the rich Mindanaoan heritage – its art and culture, which is proudly Pinoy.

(L-R) Joanna Feliciano, Senior Vice President of Biossence for Human Resource; Dr. Emma Beleno – Guerrero, Founding President of Bioessence; and Joseph Feliciano, COO of Bioessence.

Given the chance to interview the Feliciano siblings, we asked for their recommendations that would fit their millennial clients:

“Our signature treatment would be facial. There’s a certain way that we do the treatment from the extraction and the tailor-fitted products that we have for each skin type of the clients. That’s one of our main treatments,” said Joanna.

“Aside from the facial, maybe the massage,” adds Joseph. “Mainly the facial for acne because in that kind of age group, acne is usually the problem. The massage, because we’re always so stressed and we’re always so busy, and millennials, they want to keep themselves busy. They want to try everything that they see, so it takes a toll on their body. The body scrub is good also. [Lastly], slimming services, but millennials are known for being active so they’ll probably be at the gym.”

Each room is equipped with the latest beauty tech must-haves.

To add to these, a personal recommendation would be the Hand Paraffin, which we were able to try during our visit. It only takes around 15 minutes but the feeling that the hot wax with jasmine leaves on your skin can last for days. It may be painful at first, with the wax leaving a tingling sensation on your hands, but that’s just stress leaving your body! Every session ends with a relaxing hand massage.

Hand Paraffin


  1. Acne Purifying Facial – Dries up active pimples, controls oiliness of the skin, and minimizes open pores with the use of products with tea tree oil. This treatment lessens the accumulation of dirt and bacteria on the skin, reduces inflammation, and controls the over-production of oil glands which may lead to acne.
  2. Stress Relief Back Massage – Promotes relaxation through relief from pain and stiffness, reduces stress on the body and mind, and boosts your energy level and alertness. It focuses on pressure points on your head, neck, shoulders, back, and upper buttocks.
  3. Intensive Body Polish – An exfoliating and conditioning body treatment that improves the skin’s complexion. They use an elegant concoction of spa crystals and flavored scrub together with a relaxing massage that enhances blood circulation.
  4. Slimming Services – There are different types of slimming services to choose from, depending on yout concerns. They have liposome treatments, seaweed enzyme activation treatment, celluwave, and liop services to break down unwanted fats. To top it off, they also have firming and toning services to enhance your shape.
  5. Hand Paraffin – Used to soften, soothe, and release stress from your hands. It makes use of warm liquid wax with jasmine which slightly hardens on your skin. This comes with a relaxing hand massage.

Me, during my Hand Paraffin session at Bioessence – SM Megamall.

Aside from in-store services, Bioessence also offers a wide range of products that you can use at home for continuous pampering. This includes skin cleansers, serums, soaps, and lotions that can help with skin wellness.

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Their newly reopened branch is at 5th Floor, Bldg. B, SM Megamall

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