Novuskin Lift Journey: Why millennials should consider taking food supplements

When I was a kid, I used to believe that anti-aging food supplements and huge tablets of vitamins are something only our grandparents take to lengthen their lifespan. Ours was in the form of chewy candies and fruit-flavored syrups, but the effect didn’t really matter that time. To me, it didn’t until I was required by my doctor to start taking different tablets and capsules of Vitamin C, Multivitamins, Iron, and even fish oil in my late teen years. This made me wish I had started taking care of my body earlier.

Aside from a few medical conditions, I have mild eczema — patches of itchy rashes that come back from time to time due to the changing weather, environment, and food that we eat. Now, you don’t need to wait for your body to start acting out like mine before you do something to help your cells stay alive and kicking. Start getting active, eating healthy, sleeping 7-9 hours per day (no matter how hard it is), and even taking food supplements. Here are five of many reasons why you should consider supplements on top of your fitness routine as early as now:

  1. It can provide you with the nutrients that you need every day.
  2. It can prevent premature skin aging and improve skin elasticity.
  3. It can brighten your skin so you’ll look less stressed.
  4. It can fight free-radical damage in the body.
  5. It can aid blood flow.

Note: This will depend on the ingredients of your chosen food supplement. Best to pair this with exercise and balanced meals to see effects.

I’ll be logging my Novuskin Lift journey once every month until January so you can have a peek at its effects. Hopefully, this may be able to help you decide if you should start taking one!


Each box contains 30 tablets and costs P2,970.

One of the things I liked about Novuskin Lift is its packaging. The tablets are sealed in a moisture-resistant package that preserves the quality of the product. Each box contains 30 ingestives (10 on each blister pack) that are two times the size of regular tablets.


Always pair food supplements with healthy and balanced meals. ♥

Packed with a unique combination of 18 natural anti-aging and skin brightening extracts – mainly marine fish collagen, grape seed extract, and L-glutathione; Novuskin Lift is a naturally-derived food supplement that takes pride in its anti-aging and skin brightening powers that can maintain or bring back one’s youthful beauty.

According to the pack and a bit of research, this supplement contains marine fish collagen, plant-derived antioxidants such as soy protein isolate, green tea extract, yeast extract, ascorbic acid, grape seed extract, horsetail extract, L-gluthathione, pine bark extract, tomato extract, korean ginseng extract, and vitamin E; and co-factor nutrients such as zinc, copper, manganese, oryza ceramide, selenium, and coenzyme Q10. These ingredients work synergistically to rejuvenate the skin by boosting collagen production and at the same time giving a firming or “lifting” effect to the skin. Sounds good for millennials!


Breakfast spread with Novuskin Lift.

I started to take Novuskin Lift on November 15 and I’m not seeing changes in my skin or body yet (weight included). Like other over-the-counter vitamins and food supplements, it doesn’t have instant effects. However, it seems that it has affected my sleeping hours in some way. I usually fall asleep around 11 pm and wake up in the middle of the night from time to time for no apparent reason but ever since taking Novuskin Lift, I haven’t experienced it again.

Watch out for next month’s review here in our website. If you’d like to try it yourself, Nutramedica’s Novuskin Lift is available in Mercury Drug and Watsons outlets nationwide.

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