OPPO F5 Launch: Sarah G, Alden Richards, JoshLia, and ‘Selfie Experts’ react to new tech

OPPO just set another groundbreaking technology during the official unveiling of the F5, Thursday night (October 26, 2017) at the City of Dreams Manila. The lightweight phone now has A.I. Beauty Recognition, a technology designed to personalize beautification based on personal facial traits of a subject, giving a customized selfie that is unique to every person.

The OPPO F5 launch was led by their brand ambassadors Sarah Geronimo and Alden Richards, together with OPPO influencers a.k.a. “Selfie Experts” Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Toni Gonzaga, Gabbi Garcia, and Janella Salvador.

Here’s what OPPO’s ambassadors and influencers said about the new phone:

OPPO Philippines endorser Sarah Geronimo

“Ever since I’ve use OPPO, I’ve been very impressed with the quality because of the super natural photos. Every time I take a selfie, sobrang natural lang tignan kaya the photos always look good. So when they showed me the new F5, I was really amazed kasi mas naging maganda ang selfies ko. OPPO’s front cam has always been remarkable pero ngayon, it’s even much better because of OPPO’s latest A.I. Beauty Recognition technology,” said popstar Sarah Geronimo.

OPPO Philippines endorser Alden Richards

Mas madali na mag-take ng selfies because of the sleek design plus full-screen display feature, and not to mention, kaya niya na mag-detect ng gender so it’s easier for us. Then, I was able to try the A.I. Beauty Recognition technology and I must say that my selfie really turned out great. It really captures the real you,” explains Alden Richards.

OPPO Philippines’ influencers (left to right): Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Janella Salvador, Gabbi Garcia

“A good actor must be versatile and always evolves at katulad ng OPPO na patuloy na nag-iinovate ng kanilang mga smartphones, I will continue evolving to become the best that I can be. Loaded with breakthrough technology, this phone is my partner,” said Joshua Garcia.

“No matter what I wear, the OPPO F5 captures the color, the style – all those intricate details that make me fall in love with a dress, transforming me into a modern-day princess. I am always ready to step out. The world is my red carpet with the OPPO F5. Capture the real you,” shares Julia Barretto.

“They say that confidence breeds beauty. With the OPPO F5, there’s no need for filters and layers. It lets your real beauty stand out and never look fake and you never have to be self-conscious again. Be your own kind of beautiful with the OPPO F5,” invites Janella Salvador.

“I’m not afraid to climb to great heights and journey long distances. I am ready to travel to my dream destinations to capture the cultures in its many colors in every frame. I can hold the world in my hand, store my experiences in my palm with the most vibrant phone of this generation – the OPPO F5,” exclaims OPPO influencer Gabbi Garcia.

Toni Gonzaga also shared a few things about the new OPPO phone during the launch.


It may look big but it’s not as heavy as you think!

OPPO’s A.I. Beauty Recognition technology learns the specific facial features of different people from its millions of global image database of human faces. It can detect the subject’s gender and assign a filter that won’t make guys look like they have makeup on.  Professional photographers and makeup artists were consulted during the R&D process, resulting in the A.I. technology having the ability to capture the “real you” that can help selfies look more attractive and natural.

In addition, the A.I. would recognize the subject’s skin tone and type, gender and age, match them against its database and subsequently make beautification enhancements that are personalized for each individual in the selfie. The A.I. can analyze up to a million faces and with more than 200 facial feature spots scanned, it is able to detect your face in detail and refine your selfie more than just any other phones.

The F5 features a 20MP front camera with an F2.0 aperture and a 16MP rear camera with F1.8 aperture. Compared with other competitors’ 13MP or 16MP camera in the same price range, the F5 has a higher resolution at 2160×1080 and better photo quality. The cameras can deliver Bokeh effects and the front HDR solves any over-exposure issues.

The F5 will be OPPO’s first 6.0-inch full-screen FHD+ display device, giving the user a vivid visual enjoyment without the need to increase the size of the phone. It features a high-resolution screen with 18:9 ration.

F5 also comes with another technology that suits everyone’s convenience needs – the Facial Unlock. It’s the new face recognition technology that recognizers its user and unlocks the phone. This feature is perfect for people who are constantly on the go, a quick and much easier way to accessing your phone.


OPPO’s very first full-screen display is priced at only P15,990. The F5 will be available for pre-order from October 27 until November 3, 2017 and will go on sale starting on November 4, 2017. All pre-ordered F5 units will come with an Olike Bluetooth Speaker priced at P2,990.

To pre-order, just visit OPPO stores from October 27, 2017 to November 3, 2017. Approach any of their Customer Service Representatives and provide your Name, Address, Contact Number and a Php 1,000.00 down payment. Pick up your F5 and settle the remaining balance from the store where you pre-ordered your unit beginning November 4.


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