#MillennialsReact: Will OPPO A57 impress people from the ‘Selfie Capital of the World’?

Previously, we showed you how OPPO A57’s rear and front cameras worked, together with a review of the mobile phone’s specs and what makes it stand out versus other “selfie phones” in the market. To show you that our words aren’t biased, we asked millennials about what they think of this phone’s “unstoppable selfie” promise and whether they’d be interested to get one in the future.

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The term “selfie” (noun. /ˈselfē/) is used to describe a photograph of yourself which was also taken by yourself. This is made possible with the use of a gadget’s front camera or any other camera, actually. Aside from being marked as entitled, millennials are also known as the “selfie generation”. In fact, there’s a study that states that an average millennial is expected to take over 25,000 selfies in their lifetime. We’re not sure if it’s something to be proud of, but Makati City in the Philippines is reigning as the Selfie Capital of the World, based on TIMEs ranking.

As a millennial who happens to work in Makati City, I asked a bunch of photo-loving Gen Ys on whether OPPO A57’s selfie magic, specs, and affordable P11,990 price are enough to convince them to get one in the future. Here’s how it went:

Eco Matutina

Thoughts: “After countless clicks, I can confirm that the OPPO A57 takes great selfies EFFORTLESSLY.”

Yes or no: “Will I be interested to own one in the future? OPPO.”

Krystel Ybanez

Thoughts: “Taking groufies has never been this convenient! So impressed with OPPO’s front cam!”

Yes or no: “Satisfied with my current phone, would rather buy a mirrorless camera if I’m looking for a device that can take good quality photos.”

Armen Bongao

Thoughts: “I rarely take selfies but I know how to make portraits look good using DSLR. But with OPPO, I think I might consider buying one for its superb image quality and user-friendly camera features!”

Yes or no: “Might consider.”

Sarah Silvia

Thoughts: “I really love the resolution of the photo. I recommend Oppo for those who are on a budget and looking for a good quality selfie phone. Two thumbs up! 🙂”

Yes or no: “Most definitely yes!!! A phone like this could come in handy. ❤️”

Gio Lagasca

Thoughts: “It’s a nice phone, budget-friendly, good specs, but can still be better.”

Yes or no: “No, I’m not a selfie type of person and phones with dual cameras are already out if ever I want one that can take good photos.”

(Left to right) Fatz, Joana, and Archie.

Fatz Muñoz

Thoughts: “Perfect not just for selfies but also groupfies! All our faces are still clear 🙂”

Yes or no: “For the quality of the photo at this price point, definitely worth considering!”

Junie Reyes

Thoughts: “The phone looks like it has a nice wide lens. It also has good dynamic range for a phone camera.”

Yes or no: “Will I be interested? Probably, if it shoots like a DSLR, I might get one.”

Note that no edits have been made on these photos. So far, we got more YAYs than NAYs but as millennials who do not settle for less, majority would still love to see the latest mobile versions with better specs. Need to keep up with the latest releases and trends, of course!

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