10 things we learned from beauty vlogger Michelle Dy and #PaintboxArtistryTurns4

Do makeup workshops scare you? For me, it used to! Most of us would probably shy away from makeup workshops due to two things — the perception that it’s only for makeup professionals (plus the thought that we’ll probably end up with a mediocre-looking work in a sea full of talented people) and the costly fee that comes with it. That’s also what I used to think prior to joining Paintbox Artistry’s Beauty Bootcamp for a Cause. Good thing a friend of mine was also there and it’s for a good cause so I gave it a shot.

Paintbox Artistry is composed of a team of makeup professionals who organize makeup workshops within and even outside the Metro. They’re celebrating their fourth year in the business by donating proceeds through three outreach programs this September. Aside from that, this weekend’s Beauty Bootcamp has really awesome guest speakers, makeup sponsors, and an accessible location. Note that Avida Towers Makati is quite near the CBD of the city! For the Saturday’s (August 19) basic makeup workshop, it was beauty vlogger/YouTuber Michelle Dy who took the spotlight. She’s one of the few Pinoy vloggers that I watch online. ♥

Look at all those lippies from J Cat’s booth at the Beauty Bootcamp!

Since this is my first time to attend a makeup workshop, I’d like to share 10 tips I’ve learned and loved from this half-day event:

1. It’s not true that moisturizers cause your skin to produce more sebum.

Moisturizing is a must for all skin types and it actually helps your skin to stay healthy. For oily skin types, just make sure to use water-based or gel-based products and avoid using cream-based moisturizers. Know your skin type by doing a quick check for sebum build-up when you wake up in the morning. If it looks way too shiny in your T-zone area (forehead, nose, and chin), then you probably have oily skin.

Here are a couple of products on display from Mary Kay Philippines.

2. Apply products in order of consistency: L-S-C.

Start with liquid products such as toners, liquid lotions, and essences. Next, apply your serum layer which includes gel-type products. Lastly, use cream products after all the steps so the oil won’t get locked inside the layers.

Martha Jante sharing tips on how to keep our skin healthy.

3. Drink green tea and skip your morning coffee.

This is one of YouTube creator Martha Jante’s skin care tips to the bunch. She’s a video editor and segment producer but her skin is still glowing like she’s never been stressed in her job! I swear.

“Eat healthy food” was also part of Michelle Dy’s reminders. Drinking lots of waters (at least 8 glasses a day) can also help a lot.

Michelle Dy picked someone from the audience for her day-to-night makeup demo.

4. Know the right toners for your skin and how to use them.

Avoid toners with alcohol content in order to prevent your skin from drying up. You may stick to water-based brands that are very gentle to the skin. Korean products are highly recommended.

Michelle trusts in the power of the Beauty Blender more than brushes or other foundation applicators. Noted!

5. When looking for foundations, swatch products at the jawline area nearest your neck.

We usually swatch makeup products on our hands when looking for shades that match our skin color, but take note that the color of our hands isn’t really the same with our face. To make sure that you have the right foundation shade, test the product from the jawline and maybe a bit down to your neck area. Let it settle for a few minutes and check if it blends with your neck’s color.

The samples in the venue are making us crazy! Testers are EVERYWHERE.

6. Clean your makeup brushes at least 2-3 times a week. 

Or if you’re really busy, once a week is enough. A quick hack in keeping your brushes well-sanitized is to spritz makeup sanitizers on them before use. Don’t forget to deep clean everything when you have free time, though. Keeping brushes clean is a must to prevent your skin from acne breakouts.

Sooper Beaute has a couple of products on sale as well. So much love!

7. Start investing in primers.

Primers help even out your complexion, keeps your makeup in place, and makes your skin feel smooth. Spread the primer evenly and gently on your face right away since the skin quickly absorbs it. You can use your fingers for this step to make things easier.

You can get cult favorites at Makeup for Less. They have almost everything you need.

8. Powder contour works better when you have oily skin.

Contour sticks and cream-based bronzers are now widely used, but powder contour still works best for people with oily skin. Just make sure that the primer and foundation that you use underneath it also helps combat the oiliness.

Instantly fell in love with J Cat’s display. Get a free product when you buy any two of their regular-priced items until tomorrow (August 20). I got a cream cushion and waterproof mascara with a free eyeshadow! ♥

9. Highlighting isn’t for everyone.

If you have oily skin, Michelle says that you can consider it as a blessing in disguise. No need for you to put on highlighter since that will just add up to the auto-highlight look on your face. A glowy/dewy finish can help you look younger.

We are just as amazed as Michelle’s lucky model. Well, makeup is life.

10. DO NOT FORGET to bring a makeup kit when joining makeup workshops!

Workshops are more fun if you try out the techniques being taught as your facilitator or guest speaker explains the do’s and don’ts of product application. This way, you can ask them for help in case you can’t seem to get things done. It’s complicated, we understand.

Aside from a certificate to prove that you’ve taken the workshop, you’ll also receive freebies from generous sponsors. ♥

Paintbox Artistry still accepts registrants for their advanced makeup and basic airbrush workshops on Sunday (August 20, 2017). For more details, email them at paintboxartistry@gmail.com or visit their Facebook Event Page.

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