Here’s how I got P3000 worth of Korean skincare items for only P1,269 – with FREE shipping!

Shopping for makeup and skincare products online can be quite scary when: (1) You’re not familiar with the shop, (2) If descriptions are not written in English, or (3) You got used to checking out testers and mini samples before purchasing a product. However, we all know that Korean products are like magic wands meant to zap out all the impurities we have on our skin so I recently took a leap of faith and got not just one, but an entire set of Korean products fresh from Seoul!

I know a lot of millennials are going through or at least have been through this phase, so I just had to let you know that this is something worth the shot. Anyway, going straight to the point: Yes, I was able to save over P1,700 just by purchasing a pre-picked box from South East Asia’s largest online K-Beauty store called Althea, which also internationally ships items above P999 for FREE. Aside from brands that are only available in Korea, Althea also houses different items from well-known shops such as Banila Co., Etude House, Tony Moly, Innisfree, and The Face Shop.

They currently have 7 types of boxes up for grabs and hundreds of individual items you can mix and match, but for your reference, I’m giving you a peek at the “Dis-A-Pore Box” I got last month and the individual prices to guide you in your future purchase. I also included a short review of each below but detailed posts – complete with steps on how to use these items, are coming up!

Torriden Banchic Spa Pad – P430

This spa pad made out of charcoal powder leaves your skin feeling too smooth to the point that it’s uncomfortably oily at first (or that’s just me), but it sets in after a few minutes. No joke, your face will feel like a baby’s butt after washing off residue. It’s quite messy to use so it’s definitely something not everyone would like.

Caolion Premium Pore White Cake Pack – P1,040

One of my new favorites! This leave-on cake pack instantly gives off a cooling menthol feeling (minus the strong scent) in less than 5 minutes. It brightens your skin and tightens pores without irritating your skin. I’d say it’s a must-try.

Etude House Fix and Fix Pore Primer – P600

It’s a gel-type primer which is quite effective for pore and blemish coverage. What I like about this product is its sebum-absorbing powder which helps your face stay oil-free all day.

Innisfree No Sebum X Emoji Mineral Powder – P227

To add up to your wall of defense against sebum, I recommend you to try Innisfree’s No Sebum powder for everyday use or as a makeup fixer. It feels very light and the packaging is way too cute to handle. Good thing I got what I wanted — a laughing emoji!

Torriden Banchic Mist (Spraying Oil Paper) – P499

I’ve read in other beauty reviews that Banchic Mist can be used on skin and on oily hair. However, it seems that only the skin part worked for me. Spraying it on my colored hair made it feel sticky and rough, so I’m sticking to dry shampoo.

Mi by K Tu Mask Pack – P195

Feels like a normal face mask but effects are more on pore tightening and skin brightening. It also comes in two parts – one for the T-zone and one for the U-zone. Plus points for having an English translation at the back of the pack.

(Note: These are based on individual prices at Althea and local distributors)

That’s it. Instant P3000-worth of items for only P1,269 minus the shipping fee! Don’t forget to check out items labeled with [Super Cheap Deals] and those under the SALE tab as well.

Getting a box is a good idea if you’re a millennial like me who likes to test items first before buying in bulk or bigger sizes, so I definitely recommend that you get one if you’re not yet familiar with Korean brands. Plus, these Holy Grail items are worth every peso!

It takes about two weeks before the items get shipped to your doorstep but you can also track the progress via a link provided by the website.

Aside from free shipping, new members also get P300 off with a minimum purchase of P1,500.

Althea, Inc. 

Ansun Building

213, Yeongdong-daero


Seoul, Korea

*Update: Dis-A-Pore Box is currently out of stock but there are still other sets meant for your makeup and skincare needs. I spend hours browsing through all the products and I DO NOT REGRET A SINGLE MINUTE. 😉

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