How to spend a purr-fect afternoon at Le Cat Coffee Shop

Life is never complete without petting a cat or dog or any fur baby at least once in your life. We know how enticing it is to look for an actual one after seeing dozens of photos in your NewsFeed, but we also know that not all millennials are capable of looking after one at home, so we came up with another guide on where to go and how to spend an afternoon with cats and coffee.

Le Cat Coffee Shop in Las Piñas has been around for quite some time now. They recently celebrated their second anniversary but the place still looks good as new. If you’re up for an adventure today, head over to 76 Gloria Diaz Street in BF Resort Village, Las Piñas. If you’re traveling via bus, you can go down Times and ride a tricycle for only P20 to the cat cafe. Remember that you should turn left at the intersection of Gloria Diaz Street if you’re taking this route.

Cozy place for hoomans and cates!

Here are five easy ways to achieve a purr-fect afternoon with your new furry pals:

1. Pick a 2-hour bonding time with the cats.

We stayed there for one hour but instantly regretted it. One hour is not enough if you want enough time to play and take a decent photo with every kitty. Note that the entrance fee is inclusive of a free drink so we suggest you to take the 2-hour package for only P199, inclusive of a hot or cold beverage of your choice. There’s also another 2-hour package which costs P219 since it comes with special Purr-ape drinks. If you only have an hour to spare, that will cost you P150 — less than your favorite “mainstream” coffee.

Here’s Tyrion, the first Napoleon cat I’ve met here in the Philippines.

2. Choose a drink that you can finish right away or request that it be served after 30 minutes of your stay.

We ordered Iced Dark Chocolate Mocha and Iced Cafe Latte to freshen up and it got served quite early so we had to leave it unattended for some time just so we can chase after the cats. Ended up with melted ice in our drinks, but it’s still okay. Could have been better if we were able to consume it right away, though. Friendly reminder not to make the same mistakes that we did!

Spot the drink in the photo.

You may view the complete menu here.

3. Be friendly and patient as you play with the cats. Wait for them to come to you.

“Good things come to those who wait”, indeed. Wait for the cats to come to you and never ever disturb them when they’re sleeping or else you’ll end up with a grumpy ball of fur. As a former cat owner, believe me, you won’t like it when they’re grumpy. Note that half of the bunch would probably be sleeping every hour. You’re one #blessed millennial if all cats are awake by the time you arrive at Le Cat Coffee Shop! Don’t feel bad if you get snubbed by the felines during the first few minutes of your visit. You’re still at an acquaintance stage at that point, but you can grab their attention by using the thread with feathers and tiny bells if you want them to go near you. This worked well with the Napoleons!

Holding Phyllis, thanks to the feathery string.

Munchkin munching on a feather. ♥

4. Get to know the cats and their breeds.

The wall is adorned with framed photos of each cat. This way, you’ll know which cat is which, how old they are, and the proper name to call them. Here’s a peek at some of the friendly felines so you’ll be ready before your visit:

The Wall of Fur-ame.

Barton, who looks very much like Snowbell from ‘Stuart Little’. Fab!

“The Big Three” in one photo. I swear, they’re huge!

Phyllis watching from the cat box.

Rocket – one of my favorites!

Sleepy Ashley, who was up and about during the first 30 minutes of our visit.

5. Make sure your batteries are fully charged to capture a-meow-zing photos.

These cats are either adorably sleepy or unusually hyper. There’s nothing in between! Get those cameras ready because one shot isn’t enough. I had to put my camera on burst mode so I can take multiple photos while they’re playing. Bring a powerbank or spare batteries if you must. An afternoon well-spent deserves to be well-documented. ♥

Do not disturb.

So sweet!! ♥

Want to see more photos? View our entire Facebook album by clicking here.

They’re open every Tuesday-Friday from 4-9 PM and Saturday-Sunday from 2-9 PM. Mondays are for maintenance and rest.

Need more details? Visit Le Cat Coffee Shop – Cat Cafe Las Piñas’ Facebook page or leave a comment below and we’ll try our best to answer based on our experience.

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