#YTFFPH: YouTube FanFest snippets, outtakes, and millennial greetings

Being in a festival where famous YouTubers gather can be quite overwhelming for someone who spends much of their time online — watching DIY videos, covers, dance tutorials, and other crazy vlogs from awesome vloggers. I would probably be screaming my lungs out together with the ecstatic crowd, had this event happened five years ago when I used to have so much time in my hands. Despite this need to catch up on YouTube vlogs, my inner fan girl heart is still rejoicing to see some of my favorite YouTubers in the flesh (even got to shake hands with some) and breathe the same air as they do.

Matt Steffanina quickly saying hi to the crowd on his way to the Meet-and-Greet section. (Photo courtesy of Manila Millennial/ Ces Dimalanta)

Pre-show host taking a quick selfie with the crowd. (Photo courtesy of Manila Millennial/ Ces Dimalanta)

Games and quick performances were held at Stage B while waiting for the main show. (Photo courtesy of Manila Millennial / Ces Dimalanta)

I’ve already covered the ClickPlay Fest way back 2015 at the SMX Convention Center with big names like Ryan Higa, Ki Hong Lee, and other international artists but I was still left in awe as I took photos from the sidelines of this year’s YouTube FanFest with a promising lineup such as  Superwoman, Alex Wassabi, LaurDIY, Matt Steffanina, Megan Nicole, and local favorites like Mikey Bustos, Kristel Fulgar, Janina Vela, Wil Dasovich and the vlog squad.

YouTube FanFest PH Stage – where all the main acts performed from 7-9 pm. (Photo courtesy of Manila Millennial/ Ces Dimalanta)

Lauren Riihimaki, also known as LaurDIY, takes the stage with sweetheart and co-YouTube Creator Alex Wassabi. (Photo courtesy of Manila Millennial / Ces Dimalanta)

Alex Wassabi joins the #DasoFam for a game. LOL at giving away their props! (Photo courtesy of Manila Millennial / Ces Dimalanta)

Megan Nicole singing her heart out. Yes, “I’m not gonna waste any more mascara on you-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh”. (Photo courtesy of Manila Millennial / Ces Dimalanta)

I was making my way through the crowd for over 3 hours just to get snippets of one segment so I had to grab the opportunity and share what I can to you guys to make my stay worthwhile. I’m honored to give everyone a peek at what you may have missed in the 2017 #YTFFPH at the World Trade Center, Pasay City last Friday (May 12, 2017).

First on the main stage is host Mikey Bustos with a glorious and very Pinoy intro:

Jayden Rodrigues shows off his dance moves with the crew:

Going Bulilit alumna Kristel Fulgar shows the crowd that she also has the guts to sing onstage. Watch her sing and dance to Yeng Constantino’s Time In:

Here’s a shaky video of Jun Sung Ahn, popularly known as JunCurryAhn, doing a live violin cover:

My favorite, Matt Steffanina, kills it with his dance moves and even got the chance to battle it out on the dancefloor with Jollibee! Too bad I was too busy laughing to take a video of that segment.

#SiblingGoals Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero dances to their ‘New Jam’, which is now also on Spotify!

Apologies if your favorites didn’t make it in my clips. Your resident millennial had to run to the backstage and back just to capture what I need for my day job. Rest assured, I got a short shout-out from Daniel Marsh and Mikey Bustos for all Manila Millennials! Click the links to view the videos. ♥

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