Easy-peasy costume idea: Snapchat filters!

I know it’s already past Halloween and it’s a bit late for me to share a last-minute costume idea but the Halloween madness continues until the 2nd so I’ll carry on and show you how the Killer Bunny Snapchat Filter came to life.

This works best if you’re going to a party as a group, in my case, an office party with our whole department dressed as Snapchat filters. What makes this really easy is that you have lots of filters to choose from — you can be your fab self dressed black but crowned with flowers (or burning flowers if you’re up for a touch of creepiness), don in your doggo outfit, be an organic tomato, just put a box on your head, go all-out and put up a honey frame around you for extra buzz, or puke rainbows because why not?

Say hello to the squaaaad. (Photo courtesy of Marko Yambao)

Say hello to the Snappy squaaaad. (Photo courtesy of Marko Yambao)

I was supposed to go as a changing filter and use vampire fangs and red contact lenses for the killer bunny side, and just maintain the prim and proper bunny face for the adorable side. The transition to killer bunny happens when I open my mouth! BUT things are easier if you get dressed in pairs. Still opted to be the scary one.

Here’s how it’s done: Prepare face paints (red, white, and black), a pair of red contact lenses, bunny ears on a headband, extra fluff for your hands/ tail, gray eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, and pink blush. Then, head over to Madeyewlook‘s YouTube channel and watch her tutorial starting at 2:35. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought I’ll be the one filming a step-by-step tutorial! Tee-hee! 

Posting it here for your reference:

This gal’s really got artistic hands. If you’re planning to try different filters, you can also check out the first seven DIY looks that she did below.

I guess that will cover the next dress-up occasions for the next couple of years. Send me snaps of your own version at HelloCes! Would love to connect with everyone. Happy snapping this long weekend!

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