5 Cribs for the big boys and girls of the Metro

Adulting can be a real pain in the buns and it pays to take a breather once in a while through non-stressful activities, such as enjoying life like a little kid (or baby) in his/her small crib. While you’re at it, why not enjoy the complete package of being a child at heart by hanging out in a grownup crib – complete with stuffed toys and pillows — and indulge in your favorite nomnoms and milk(shake) that comes in different yummy flavors?

By crib, I mean those whimsical square spaces that make you feel safe enough because of wooden bars that separate you from kids that don’t belong to your posse. These spaces are filled with knickknacks for you to enjoy — such as props for your like-worthy photo needs.

Here are my first five crib-looking café picks (the legends and the new ones) near De La Salle University and the University of Santo Tomas:

  1. Café Travel

(Photo courtesy of Cafe Travel) https://www.facebook.com/ph.cafe.travel/photos/a.1559591534324134.1073741898.1414345458848743/1640947659521854/?type=3&theater

(Photo courtesy of Cafe Travel)

You have the option of secluding yourself from the world by partially hiding in their square spaces underneath the cribs above. If you want someone to join you, their smallest space can fit about four to five people. You can also opt to take top bunks that looks like cribs. All these while observing the world below through a glass window from the second floor where Café Travel is located, sipping your favorite drink, and munching your cake. Leave a sticky note and a photo behind to let everyone know you’ve been there, too!

Location: Second floor of Archer’s Nook Center, 2624 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila.

  1. Café Noriter

Cafe Noriter

Cafe Noriter

This Korean-inspired café has a similar ambiance with Café Travel (Well, they’re both Korean!). However, they have a big area for grownup activities that require a chair and a table. You’ll see it near the entrance and at the back of the counter. If you prefer chilling at the cribs, just take off your shoes, sit on their big pillows, and try your best not to write more messages on the wood!

Location: Second floor of Reyes Building in Estrada Street, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila.

  1. S.M.Y. Noshery

(Photo from SMY Noshery's Instagram page/ @smynoshery)

(Photo from SMY Noshery’s Instagram page/ @smynoshery)

A haven for online shop goodies, adorably presented food, and delicious drinks – that’s what S.M.Y. Noshery is all about. You can shop and dine, dine and shop, or spot your wants while munching on your delectable snacks. Most students hang out here to study, given its fun ambiance that reminds visitors to smile every time they break away from their school readings.

Location: University Tower 2, 863 Galicia Street cor. Espana Blvd., Sampaloc, Manila.

  1. Amo Yamie Crib

Looks pretty much like the three other cafés, but this one’s got crazy sweet drinks! Have you seen those viral photos of mugs filled with whipped cream and topped with loads of chocolates and candy sprinkles? Yup, they have it right here. Plus, the walls are so colorful, it will make you feel like you’re in a playground.

Location: Second floor of 2125 Gordi Plaza Building, Legarda Street, Quiapo, Manila. There’s also one in Katipunan, Quezon City.

  1. SHP Bibimbab Café and Restaurant

(Photo courtesy of SHP Bibimbab Cafe & Restaurant) https://www.facebook.com/bibimbabcafe/photos/a.225584940936198.1073741828.221616597999699/402129306615093/?type=3&theater

(Photo courtesy of SHP Bibimbab Cafe & Restaurant)

If you ship the café + resto pairing that can surely satisfy your Korean food cravings, SHP is the way to go. I must say their interior looks clean enough for that white-colored Instagram feed. They also have plushies for your cuddling needs! Best formula for a happy tummy and a happy heart.

Location: Second floor of Building P. at Mervin Terraces, 980 Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila.

Hope this gives you an idea on where to take your playmates and playdate next time! #HOHOL #COCOL

That’s it for now. Just make sure that the “playpens” are big enough for you and your friends. Expect loads of students during peak hours too. Off you go, kiddo!

P.S. Milk(shakes) and other drinks are not served in bottles, in case you’ve been taking my words literally.

Ces the millennial says: I’ll be posting a separate review for each café here in my blog so make sure to follow Manila Millennial on Facebook for more updates. Also, I’m sure there are more hang-out cribs out there so leave a message below if there’s something you’d like me to check out for you.  Ciao for now.

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