Let them rain on your parade but continue what you’re doing anyway

Let them. Let them be mean as they can be. Let them ridicule you for what you love to do. Let them try to bring you down. Let them make you the laughingstock and talk of the town.

Let them rain on your parade. Let those words pour out, no matter how hurtful they may seem. Remember that what they say speaks more about them than you, you who’s just being true in what you do.

Let them rain on your parade and let it pour as heavy as it can. Let it flood because you’ll know how to swim, and they’ll eventually drown in their den. Let them drown with their words, their insecurities, and their hate. It will only consume them over time.  Don’t give in. Don’t take the bait. Don’t let them reel you in, don’t let their scorn get into your head. Don’t bite into the trap, you are not better off dead.

Let them continue their immaturity, while you continue being you. Don’t let their words shatter you, you know you better than they do. Be a princess in your own story, be a knight aspiring for glory, be open and drop your words freely, be courageous because you’re somebody.

Let them rain on your parade, let it be as strong as it can get. You’re a rainbow, you’re a pot of gold, you have the most beautiful rays. You are the main character of your own story, no, you are not a mere “nobody”. Only you can make your life revolve the way you want it, no matter what they say. Do what you love anyway, let it happen in any way.


(“Pa-deep” words pouring out of my sleepy head at 2:26 a.m., trying to make sense at 10 in the morning.)


2 a.m. thoughts are not necessarily applicable to the life of the writer. These are content inspired by certain events that triggered a tug in the heart and a whack in the mind. This category is not for the hateful souls who love adding fuel to the fire.

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