Potato Corner Crunchy Chicken Pops: To buy or not to buy?

After posting about Potato Corner’s Crunchy Chicken Pops on my Instagram Stories, one of the most common questions I’ve received is “’Di ba puro harina? (Isn’t it just made up of flour?)” or some other iteration with the same message. Buying small chunks of breaded chicken which consists of 80% flour/skin and only around 20% meat (or sometimes less) has already given majority of us major trust issues when purchasing chicken in pops form, but Potato Corner’s version is different.

Looking at a recent post on their Facebook page, it seems that they also expected people to react this way even before launching the product. In a one-minute video, Potato Corner hooked their “most authentic and honest chicken” named Jennylyn to a lie detector test before asking her if the new Crunchy Chicken Pops are indeed made of real chicken meat. Turns out there was no “fowl” play detected (get it?).


Known for its flavorful fries, Potato Corner is branching out into other snacks with their latest offering: Potato Corner Crunchy Chicken Pops. Available now in select branches nationwide, these bite-sized treats are set to balance out our usual fries-snacking experience at only *Php 95 for solo size, Php 120 for Large Mix with fries, and Php 150 for Mega Mix with fries.

*based on Grab Delivery prices.

What sets this apart from other chicken pops in the market is their commitment to quality. Made with real chicken meat, not just flour, each pop bursts with savory flavors in every bite. This is coated with crunchy breading and flavors, including BBQ, Sour Cream, Cheese, Chili BBQ, Sour Cheese, Golden Sweet Corn, White Cheddar, and more.

When picking a flavor for the Crunchy Chicken Pops, I would suggest to stick to the less flavorful side like Sour Cream and BBQ, so you can still taste the juiciness of the chicken meat. The other flavors overpower the chicken flavor, in my opinion. The Pops taste even better when you pair it with fries of your desired flavor, but as usual, my top two favorites would be Sour Cream and Cheese.

So for Manila Millennial, our verdict for the Potato Corner Crunchy Chicken Pops is TO BUY! I wouldn’t have it for 3 straight days in different flavors if it wasn’t up to par with my standards in terms of merienda food. It’s way better than chicken chops being sold on the street with too much flour or and chicken skin and it’s also way better than a popular brand’s Chicken Pops being sold in the frozen goods section of grocery stores.

Disclaimer: Chicken size may vary in every serving. Our thoughts are purely based on five different orders of the product on two different occasions, from two different branches.

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