6 Things you shouldn’t miss at the newly opened Watsons Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt 5 branches

In the fast-paced world we live in, our beauty, skincare, and healthcare needs are constantly evolving. Just imagine decades ago, our grandparents don’t stay up too late doom-scrolling on their phones or get exposed to multiple sources of harmful UV light (that is bad for the skin)! As our lifestyles change, so do the products and services we seek. Recognizing this shift, Watsons — a leader in health and beauty retail, continues to innovate not only its products but also its stores to ensure a more comfortable shopping experience for everyone.

We checked out the newly opened branches in Power Plant Mall and Greenbelt 5 this week and here are five things we believe everyone shouldn’t miss on their next visit:

1. Find Watsons-exclusive brands under Beauty and Wellness (Korean skincare, included!)

Watsons stores at Power Plant Mall and Greenbelt 5 takes pride in its well-curated selection of popular brands in skincare, cosmetics, and health and wellness. From Korean skincare favorites like Laneige, Innisfree, and Some by Mi to international brands such as Clinique, Maybelline, and Dr. Teal’s, Watsons offers a diverse array of products to cater to every beauty and skincare need. The shelves boast names like Clio, CosRx, Origins, Peripera, and many more, ensuring you have access to the most sought-after brands in the market. Of course, they have local brands as well such as GRWM, BLK, and Issy & Co!

2. Skip the lines with self-checkout and online integration

Self-checkout counters are now available in these two branches to streamline your shopping journey. The innovative O+O model allows for online shopping through the Watson app or website. With Click & Collect, you can order online and pick up your purchases in-store within 30 minutes, while the Express Delivery Service guarantees doorstep delivery within 3 hours.

“In response to customers’ desire for shorter wait times, we have introduced self-checkout stations. Additionally, we are streamlining prescription refills through our Watsons Pharmacists. Our digital-forward Online plus Offline (O+O) model is designed to adapt to the evolving omnichannel shopping preferences of our customers. Simultaneously, we maintain our commitment to providing a contemporary perspective on health and wellness that aligns with their needs ” said Jared De Guzman, Customer Director of Watsons Philippines.

3. Grab a shopping bag that screams ‘I’m ok on my own’

Are you like me who shies away from stores that have sales staff that ask too many questions and tails you until you purchase something? If you are, then consider Watsons a safe haven. They understand that not everyone enjoys being approached by sales staff so they recently added the “I’m ok to shop on my own” and “I’m ok to be assisted” shopping bags, which customers can use to easily communicate their shopping preference. This initiative eliminates the pressure for those who prefer to browse peacefully without constant sales interaction. Wishing more stores would implement this!

4. Choose from an extensive range of products at Watsons Pharmacy

Picking medicine isn’t just a matter of choosing between Brand A and Brand B. At Watsons Pharmacy, you have all the choices up to Brand Z as they’re equipped with a wide range of health and wellness products. Staffed by well-trained pharmacists, these go beyond dispensing by offering guidance on prescription dosage, timing, and administration. Additionally, they provide recommendations for generic alternatives to prescription medicines, ensuring you make informed health choices.

5. Unlock exclusive benefits with Watsons Club

To receive more perks and access to Watsons events beyond the branches, sign up and become a Watsons Club member to open the door to exclusive benefits, including special promotions, bigger discounts, and additional reward points. Doing so entitles you to receive invitations to exclusive Watsons events that celebrate health, beauty, and wellness!

6. Go green with sustainable choices

Although not entirely new, Watsons continues to champion sustainability by curating products that align with environmentally-conscious values. They advocate for a cleaner beauty regimen free from harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances. Here, consumers can explore a selection of eco-friendly options that not only promote personal well-being but also contribute to a healthier planet. From refills to better ingredients and packaging, they got us covered!

Visit the new branches at Power Plant Mall and Greenbelt 5 to experience these exciting offerings firsthand. For those seeking convenience, explore deals online at the Watsons website or download the Watsons app.

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  1. Yess ms. Cess ito ung advantage sa isang physical store like watson..kung sa online di mo sure kung ..ung mga review ba ay totoo o hindi namn .. o baka ma scamm pa.. di tulad sa watson tlgang trusted proven and safe ang mga product..

  2. Nice! Another branch for Watsons PH, love the “I’m ok to shop on my own” and “I’m ok to be assisted” shopping bags.

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