Coming soon: QUBE’s digital smart lockers set to transform Robinsons Offices, parcel reception

QUBE Smart Technology Corp. and Robinsons Offices are set to revolutionize the way we work and receive our parcels — enhancing security, efficiency, and convenience in customer-centric and future-ready workplaces! During a contract-signing event last Monday (July 10, 2023) held at the Exxa-Zeta Center Townhall, the collaboration between these two industry leaders was formalized with a shared vision to drive productivity and synergy within the workplaces of Robinsons Land Corporation and other Gokongwei Group affiliates.

RL Commercial REIT, Inc. President and CEO Jericho P. Go (left) and QUBE President and CEO Elcid Lao (right)

“We at QUBE value all the stakeholders by ensuring that everything is provided with different solutions,” emphasized Elcid Lao, President and CEO of QUBE. He highlighted the company’s commitment to bridging the gaps between riders, customers, and property management, utilizing smart lockers to connect them seamlessly in any scenario.

“Time is the most precious commodity in the entire universe. We want to value that time, and with time, these lockers will be able to provide efficiency not just for the riders but also for property management and customer convenience,” Lao added. 

RL Commercial REIT, Inc. President and CEO Jericho P. Go (left) and QUBE President and CEO Elcid Lao (right)

Speaking at the event, Jericho P. Go, President and CEO of RL Commercial REIT, Inc., shared his insights on the office of the future and how this collaboration with QUBE would positively impact Robinsons Offices, which is a leading developer of office buildings.

“(With QUBE’s smart lockers), you don’t have to rush to pick up your parcels or documents or the items you have been waiting to be delivered to your office while probably in a meeting or even during you can be assured that the Smart Lockers of QUBE will be available 24/7, 365 days a year,” said Go, highlighting the unmatched accessibility of the technology.

Robinsons Offices and QUBE teams at the ceremonial contract signing event last Monday (July 10) at Exxa-Zeta Center Townhall.

The partnership is set to introduce a host of innovative features, including registration via QR codes, remote payment options, and a scalable platform designed to cater to future needs seamlessly.

“We are grateful for this partnership because, at the same time, we realized that when QUBE offered us this technology, it was so flexible and scalable that almost anything and everything we could think of in the future, whether its registration through QR Code, remote payment, you have it practically covered for the convenience of our customers,” Go added. 

QUBE will play a pivotal role in the innovation initiatives of Robinsons Offices, renowned for its modern world-class, sustainable green office spaces catering to Fortune 500 Companies, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Local and Multinational Corporations in the country. 


As the country’s First Digital Smart Locker Technology provider, QUBE is set to deliver enhanced personal storage for occupants’ belongings, hassle-free parcel reception to reduce interruptions or missed deliveries, efficient and effortless food delivery solutions to prevent food theft, secure document storage to avoid unauthorized access, elevated guest experience for comfort and security, advertising platforms with digital ad spaces available for office and retail tenants. 

With deployment targeted for the final quarter of 2023, QUBE’s IoT-based solutions are about to pave the way for a seamless, sustainable, and convenient work environment. We can’t wait to see their projects roll out!

As of this writing, QUBE’s tech is expected to be included in Robinsons Offices — the office development arm of Robinsons Land Corporation, which boasts over 760,000 sqm of leasable office area across various locations, including Central Business Districts, transit-oriented mixed-use developments, and Destination Estates.

The future of workplace convenience is on the horizon, courtesy of QUBE and Robinsons Offices’ forward-thinking partnership. Stay tuned for exciting developments that will transform the way we work and live!

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