Candle Shopping 101: The perfect Lumi Candles scent for every mood and need

Creating a soothing ambiance at home is an essential part of self-care and relaxation. When it comes to enhancing our living space with captivating scents, no need to travel far because Lumi Candles can be found right here in the Metro! Lumi Candles is a proudly Pinoy brand that offers a delightful range of candle scents. Whether you want to unwind, boost your energy, or create a focused environment, Lumi Candles has recommended scents for every room in your home.

This homemade brand was launched in February 2020, primarily focusing on candles of all sizes; however, they have also expanded their product line to include car fresheners, linen sprays, and even diffusers.

Quick chat with Lumi Candles PH: Nesza Asuncion, Lumi Candles Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Head (left) and Ces Dimalanta, your Manila Millennial (right). | Photo courtesy of Ted Claudio / Wazzup PH.

“For Lumi Candles, fragrances are about good mood. If there’s a good scent, it can provide you with a good feeling and we want everyone to just lighten up and be relaxed at anything they do,” says Nesza Asuncion, Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Head of Lumi Candles PH. “We are also very conscious about the environment. For us as a brand, we are also focusing on developing products that are biodegradable, sustainable, and something you can reuse and recycle so that we can no longer contribute to the accumulation of waste happening in the country.”

All their candles are organic, sustainably-packaged, refillable, and can be used multiple times, making it a good relaxation must-have. Since it may be daunting to pick just one or two out of all the available scents they have, here’s a quick guide based on your every mood and room:

For Focus and Concentration

Ideal for: Desk and Dining Room

When it’s time to work or concentrate, having a focused environment is crucial. For mental clarity and productivity, Lumi Candles recommends the following: Coffee Brew that infuses the air with an invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Evergreen Shrub which brings the essence of nature indoors, and Peppermint for a refreshing and stimulating scent, known for its ability to enhance focus and concentration.

For Relaxation and Deep Sleep

Ideal for: Bedroom

In the bedroom, it’s crucial to create an environment that promotes relaxation and a restful sleep. Lumi Candles offers a selection of scents that are perfect for this purpose: Fresh Bamboo brings a touch of nature, while Lavender provides a soothing aroma known for its calming effects. If you prefer a warm and comforting scent, Vanilla is the ideal choice to create a cozy ambiance in your bedroom sanctuary.

For Unwinding and De-stressing

Ideal for: Bathroom

On the other hand, since the bathroom is where we unwind and wash off our worries after a long day, refreshing scents can help create a mini serene oasis. Honeydew Melon provides a refreshing and fruity aroma, while Milky, Bloomery, and Pomegranate can help add a touch of luxury and tranquility to your bathing routine. Let these scents whisk away your stress and help you find your inner calm.

For Good Mood and Energy Boost

Ideal for: Living and Bedroom

To uplift your spirits and boost your energy levels, they also offer Morning FlowerSignature — a delightful blend of florals that energizes your living space. They also have a scent called Amber Love which adds a warm and comforting touch. Happy Sunshine, Daylight Breeze, Green Tea, and Caffe Latte, on the other hand, helps provide refreshing and invigorating aromas. These scents are perfect for both the living room and the bedroom, creating a positive atmosphere throughout your home.

How to use?

According to Asuncion, they recommend customers to use their candles for a maximum of 4 to 5 hours in order to maximize the use candle’s life. All candles are reusable and you may opt to light up the wick or use a candle warmer, which they also sell on their page. Each 100ml scented soy candle has 16-28 total hours of burn time, while the 250ml sizes are good for 84-96 hour.

Where to buy?

These exquisite candles are available for purchase via Lumi Candles’ website at, and e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee. Price for the soy candles start at Php 400, but they also offer discounts from time to time.

Alternatively, you can check out their products up close by visiting their booth at the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show happening at Hall 4 of the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City from June 14-16, 2023. Lumi Candles will be joining over 100 exhibit booths and 80 companies displaying gifting ideas — from trendy mobile and tech gadgets, self-care bundles, eco-friendly items, food and beverage, and more! Admission to the Corporate Giveaways Buyers’ Show is free of charge. All you need to do is register via their website prior your visit.

“Lumi Candles products are good gifts, no matter what occasion, because when you give these gifts to anyone special in your life, you’re giving her/him the self-care that you may also want to feel and experience yourself. It’s also like saying ‘Hey, I support you, this gift is for you because I love you and I want you to be calm and at ease all the time and I want you to feel special with this gift’,” shares Asuncion.

I’ve tried the Lavender and Fresh Bamboo scents already and both works well in making any room feel more relaxing. Works well in removing the kulob smell, too!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this . Gusto ko dn ng mga dito perfect sa bahay , meron pang bedroom , bathroom etc. Love the packagingg too perfect din ito pang gift 🥰🩷

  2. Nakakatuwa naman iting Lumi Candles they offers a delightful range of candle scents for soothing ambiance at home, an essential part of self-care and relaxation. And take not this is a proudly pinoy brand ❤️ and ang galing kasi may purposes yung mga candles, for good for relaxation galing ❤️ plus refillable pa ❤️ meron din siyang ideal candles kada part ng bahay ❤️

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