Labada Day Tips: Did you know that you can remove stains in just 3 steps (no scrubbing involved)?

Washing clothes manually using bare hands is probably the most famous way — and honestly the most affordable way — of doing laundry in the Philippines. Even as washing machines started popping out in the 50s, a lot of families continue to embrace the traditional “Labada Day (Laundry Day)” methods of soaking and scrubbing clothes on a basin just to get rid of dirt. Those who are tasked to do the laundry at home (usually moms) have to heavily rely on powder detergent to remove stains before tossing clothes in their washing machine but this takes a lot of time and effort! To help Filipinos get over Laundry Day in a breeze, laundry detergent brand Breeze is suggesting three easy steps to remove stains in only a few minutes:


Coat dirty stains with a bit of Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent. You can use your finger in doing this as Breeze is also gentle on the skin. It’s formulated with Ultraclean Technology to fight tough stains in just one wash as per their advertisements.


Visual representation of the stain-removing process.

Pour water, appropriate amounts of the liquid detergent, and your stained clothes into the washing machine.


Visual representation of the stain-removing process: Breeze Liquid Detergent (left) vs detergent powder (right).

Start your cycle right away, no need to soak and scrub manually! While your washing machine does the work, you can use the free time to do other chores, spend time with the family, or just relax (and maybe even take a nap).

My family and I have been using Breeze liquid detergent on our clothes for more than a year now so I can attest to its cleaning power. If you’re being a skeptic about it, you can also try it on a piece of cloth, similar to the photos above!

The best part about Breeze is that it also comes in other variants that are just as effective. Aside from Breeze Power Machine Liquid Detergent, we also use Gentle & Free and Power Machine Anti-Bacterial at home. I’d vouch for Gentle & Free as it doesn’t trigger my eczema!

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3 Replies to “Labada Day Tips: Did you know that you can remove stains in just 3 steps (no scrubbing involved)?”

  1. Ang Bongga talaga kapag Breeze detergent liquid ang Gamit sa paglalaba
    Ipahid ,ibuhos at labhan tanggal agad ang mantsa plus ang Bango Pa nito💯

  2. Iba talaga ang Ganda ng Brand na to from Breeze, Sa 3 Easy Breeze Steps, tanggal agad ang Dumi at Mantsa 💯💯 highly Recommended at Npaka Mura pa

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