New Gen RO: Ragnarok Origin for PC, mobile set to launch in PH on April 6

Calling all Ragnarok Online (RO) players from the early 2000s! The official Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) we all loved just got upgraded to fit the taste of the new generation. Expect better graphics, more immersive effects, a cute pet system, and more guild adventures on top of the original gameplay! Dubbed as Ragnarok Origin, still taking on the initials “RO”, the newest MMORPG for both mobile and PC is set to be launched in the Philippines on April 6 — in time for the holiday break.

To give everyone a peek at what to expect, Gravity Game Hub held a press conference last Monday (April 2, 2023) where attendees were able to test the game ahead of its release, hear from the developers, and meet Ragnarok Origin‘s first Filipina ambassador Yassi Pressman.

A New-Gen RO

Gravity Game Hub CEO Yoshinori Kitamura and Gravity Game Hub President Harry Choi both talked about the game’s development process and how Ragnarok Origin stayed faithful to the original RO game.

Comparing the RO and Ragnarok Origin environments, it’s evident that the developers were successful in preserving the vibe of the original game in a way that is more apt for the new generation of gamers’ liking. Unique classes and cherished features of the PC game, such as AFK leveling and challenging MVPs, are still present in the new version. In addition to this, to emulate and enhance social interactions in the modern online world, Ragnarok Origin underwent a comprehensive revamp of its bonding system, aiming to help players discover like-minded partners, create a strong sense of community within the game, and promote personal growth.

Next-level companionship

To take in-game friendship to the next level, Ragnarok Origin is also set to create a cross-server guild league and introduce innovative esports gameplay, enabling guilds and adventurers to battle for the honor of being dubbed as the strongest. The game will host four major esports events — the Odin Cup, Thor Cup, Loki Cup, and “Valkyrie Cup, which will take place offline in various cities so players can interact with each other in real life.

When online, players can form a party and defeat bosses together in order to receive rewards. All game modes trigger the bidding system, and auction proceeds are shared among all guild members. The game provides a special guarantee mechanism, as well as random card drops and refining systems to help adventurers grow easily. This provides an enjoyable gaming experience for both big spenders and free-to-play gamers.

If online friends aren’t your thing, the game also offers a pet and mount system for a more adorable form of companionship, which adds to Ragnarok Origin‘s innovative gameplay. With hundreds of cute pets and mounts to choose from, these creatures can be your best allies on your journey.

A ‘yaaasss!’ for Yassi

Many might be wondering why actress and model Yassi Pressman was chosen as a game ambassador over streamers and cosplayers who have been around since RO, to which she replies: “Gaming has always been a passion of mine, and RO was my first love in mobile gaming. It holds many precious memories, and I can confidently say that I am a loyal fan. Collaborating with Ragnarok Origin has always excited me. During the TV commercial shooting, the nostalgic scenery of RO and the intricately designed character costumes were very impressive and gave me a feeling of first love.”

Yassi is also no stranger to the original game as she is aware that Ragnarok Origin follows it in terms of classes, art style, scenes, and gameplay. She shared how she’s looking forward to the new guild gameplay and hopes to lead her guild to victory in the ROO major leagues. Yassi also mentioned charming gameplay elements specifically designed for female players, which we’re excited to see on the 6th!

Ready to begin your journey? Pre-register now and download Ragnarok Origin via Apple App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, or OPPO App Market via mobile. For PC users, you may download the game through its official website.

See you online on the 6th! Can’t wait to relive my childhood dreams of becoming a mage.

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