LIST: Tasty, affordable treats for your fur babies this Cat Day (Aug 8)

For fur parents, almost every day is pet day, but did you know that there’s an actual day dedicated for our feline babies? Internationally, Cat Day has been celebrated every August 8 since the International Fund for Animal Welfare started it in 2002 to raise awareness on health and welfare of domestic cats. To make the day even more special, paw-rents are now entitled to get cat food and treats at up to 35% off on the Pedigree & Whiskas Official Shopee Store until August 8, 2022. Consider that as a thank you treat for giving a furry pal a forever home!

In case you’re a new fur mom/dad, let me give you some tips and tricks in keeping your kitty cat healthy and happy. Here’s a list of discounted items that my 2-year old cats, Mew and Eevee, personally love and are #CatApproved:

1. IAMS Proactive Health Premium Cat Food

Price: Php 377 for a 1kg pouch (originally Php 466)

This is the easiest food to give to cats: DRY FOOD. In order to ensure that they’re fed on time, we bought an automatic cat feeder on Shopee which dispenses dry food at a specified time interval. When choosing a brand, we ensure that it’s veterinarian-approved and is suitable for our cat’s overall health. IAMS is proven to help increase levels of Vitamin E, maintain a healthy digestive health, and improve skin and coat of cats. There are also other variants available for kitty moms, adults with flavor preferences (they can be picky), and those that need hairball care.

2. WHISKAS Cat Food Wet Pouch

Price: Php 170 for a pack of 6 (originally Php 180)

To ensure that cats are always in the mood for feeding time, it’s best to switch from dry to wet food from time to time. Instead of the canned packs that are usually too much for our fur babies, we usually opt for easy-to-carry pouches that can be mixed with dry food.

WHISKAS contains Taurine for healthy vision and bright eyes, Omega Oil for a shiny coat, and Vitamin E for a strong immune system. There are three flavors that we usually choose from and they’re all #MewApproved: Ocean Fish Flavor, Tuna Flavor, and Mackerel.

3. WHISKAS Tasty Mix Cat Food

Price: Php 87 for a pack of 3 (originally Php 102)

For picky eaters like Eevee, a mix of tasty flavors usually does the trick. WHISKAS offers wet food in an even tastier mix of three main ingredients –chicken, salmon, and wakame seaweed. Smells good, too! Just like the wet food pouch previously mentioned, it comes in a small pouch that can easily be packed during travels.


Price: Php 150 for a pack of 3 (originally Php 162)

Eevee, choosing the Temptations Creamy Purrrr-ee instead!

If you’ve been reading our blogs since 2019, you might have seen our post about Temptations! Back then, it was only Pepper (Mew and Eevee’s mom) who was in our photos and I guess the love for this brand runs in their family! Instead of the biscuit treats, Mew and Eevee prefer the Creamy Purrrr-ee in Chicken and Tuna flavor. These are low-calorie pet treats that you’ll need to squeeze from the pack — just like human jelly treats in straw packaging that we used to enjoy during our childhood.

5. SHEBA Melty Cat Treats

Price: Php 177 for a pack of 3 (originially Php 192)

Eevee and her Sheba treat!

When our Cat Day package arrived, we asked Mew and Eevee to choose which one they’d like to try first and they both chose SHEBA. This is the first time that we’ve added it to their diet and I guess it’s a good sign that they’re open to trying new brands and flavors!

Our cats receive treats from us when they’ve been good — just like today after being extra attentive during a quick photo op — or are in need of comfort (you can sometimes feel it). We’d give them treats every single day if we can, but again, we need to maintain a balanced diet to help them stay healthy! Generally, treats should only make up 10% of a cat’s overall diet.

Eevee guarding their box of treats reaaaaally closely.
Mew, choosing the box instead. LOL! Cats will be cats.

Aside from the discounted prices above, expect to get free gifts, discounts, free shipping vouchers, and even piso deals in the next 48 hours. There are also shop vouchers up to Php 70 off that you can claim at the Pedigree & Whiskas Shopee Mall homepage. Don’t miss it!

That’s all for today, feel free to send us a message if you have questions about kitty paw-renting. We’d love to help out. 🙂

Have a happy Cat Day, everyone!

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  1. Yay perfect affordable treats ito para sa lahat ng mga fur babies 😍 sure na tlga nman magugustuhan nila ito ❤️ Happt International Cat Day! ❤️

  2. Ohhh that’s so yummy and healthy treats for our furbabies 🤗
    Plus affordable pa
    Happy International Cat Day !🐈
    Thank you for sharing this♥️

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