5 Tempting reasons to give your cats Temptations treats (available on Shopee)!

Good news for the cat ladies (and gentlemen)! Temptations™ has finally reached the Philippine shores and you won’t even need to go far to get some because it can be delivered right on your fur baby’s doorstep. E-commerce platform Shopee and Mars Petcare – a global name known for quality pet care products such as Pedigree and Whiskas, has launched Temptations™ cat treat exclusively on Shopee last Thursday (April 11, 2019)!

To celebrate its launch in the country, Mars Petcare and Shopee held a special forum featuring experts in cat care to share some essential tips on how best to look after their feline pets, especially regarding nutrition and creating bonding moments.

Shopee representatives with Pocket (Temptations mascot)

We all know how cats tend to be the master in the household. They are the captains of their own ships and they only grow close to people who feed them! So to help cat parents, Temptations™ can be used to train these felines through hand feeding and to let them know what specific sounds mean. Like how shaking a Temptations™ pack can mean breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

It doesn’t only benefit cat owners because there are also 5 tempting reasons why our dear kitty cats can’t say no to these treats:

1.Crunchy Outside, Soft Inside Goodness: Cats seem to crave the scrumptious shell and the soft treat inside. Take Pepper here for an example, she had to be fed more on her first try!

Meet Pepper! Pepper loves her new treats! She’s not my cat but I’m one proud kitty tita. LOL!

2. A Treat Under 2 Calories: Health is wealth even for our feline friends. To keep them in ship-shape, Temptations™ limits the calories in every serving to keep them from getting chubbier.

And this one’s named Pocket – the official Temptations mascot! He craves for treats all the time!

3. Shaking Sounds Keep Cats Hooked: You’ll see cats running after you let them hear the sound of Temptations™ packs being shaked. Who can say no to those palatable pockets?

Pepper during snacktime

4. Wide Range of Flavors: Like humans, cats appreciate a variety in the food they eat. There are three irresistible flavors (and discounts) on Shopee:

  • TEMPTATIONS™ Tasty Chicken Flavour (85gm)
  • TEMPTATIONS™ Tempting Tuna Flavour (85gm)
  • TEMPTATIONS™ Savoury Salmon Flavour (85gm)
Temptations in three flavors (L-R): Tuna, Salmon, and Chicken

5. Always Fresh: Every treat is served fresh, thanks to the resealable pouches! No problem even if it gets accidentally knocked down by your naughty lil baby… cat.

See? No worries even though Pepper plays beside it!

PRICE: It’s available on Shopee for only P300 for a set of three.

We see Temptations™ as the perfect fit for cat owners. We believe that the treats spark fun and entertaining moments between cats and their owners. We are happy to give those moments to cat owners more conveniently thanks to our partnership with Shopee. We know we have found a good partner in Shopee for providing Filipinos quality pet care and pet nutrition products,” explains Mars Petcare Southeast Asia Pet Nutrition D-Commerce Director Phua Fui Ching.

Mars Petcare Southeast Asia Pet Nutrition D-Commerce Director Phua Fui Ching.

We are very excited to be partnering Mars Petcare, a global name known for pet care products that are household names around the world, for the launch of their new cat treat brand, Temptations. We are excited to be partnering with one of the world’s leaders in pet care so that we can better cater to the needs of all Filipinos, especially cat lovers. We look forward to more collaborations with Mars Petcare that will benefit not just cat owners and pet owners but also the animals they love,” adds Ruoshan Tao, Head of Marketing, Shopee Philippines.

Want to let your kitty cats try it? You can get a pack (or more) via https://shopee.ph/pedigreeph.

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*Special thanks to Mond Angat for letting us feature Pepper in this post!

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