WATCH | VTuber 101: Pinoy VCreator Hitori Achylz teaches us what it’s like and how to become one!

When I was still a kid, I’ve always wanted to be a voice actor for Filipino-dubbed anime or radio shows. It’s amazing how people can convey their feelings through their voice, plus remain anonymous despite their work being a huge hit! This is also the same feeling I have towards VTubers or VCreators (short for Virtual Content Creator) who conceal their real identities behind a virtual character. There are animated characters who have awesome armors, those with cat ears or “neko”-inspired, kitsune VTubers, and more! There’s no limit to who or what people can be in a virtual world and that alone is already an amazing thing.

While Japanese VTubers have already reached a global audience, the VTuber industry in the Philippines is also slowly growing. This is something that I learned in one of the recent events hosted by Bilibili Philippines — a platform that helps VTubers/ VCreators reach a wider audience through their VCreator Livestreaming Program. This is the same platform that connected me to a Filipino VTuber named Hitori Achylz!

In a two-part interview, Manila Millennial got the chance to ask him what it’s like to be a Filipino VTuber, how to become one, and his inspirations for his craft. Watch it here:

Who would’ve thought that ANYONE can become a VTuber in a snap? I surely didn’t because I’ve always thought that it required high tech equipment! Glad that I was able to talk to an actual person who is part of the industry.

Hitori also taught us popular Japanese phrases that their fans usually ask them to say during their livestreams. Included in the list are “ara ara” which translates to “my, my” and a cute way to say “onii-chan” which means “big brother”. These are words that you’ll usually hear from anime characters but I guess VTuber fans also want to hear their idols’ take on it, too!

While I still need a lot of practice to hone my voice acting skills and probably think of a unique animated character for livestreaming, at least we’re one step closer to our goal of actually being able to dip our toes in the world of VTubers.

Huge thanks to Bilibili Philippines and Hitori Achylz for making this possible!

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  1. Before,im just curious what are the differences between,vtubers/vcreators and vloggers ,but im soo happy watching your vlog kasi may natutunan naman ako dito !!
    Yung tanong sa isip ko,nasagot through your vlog and blog !keep on sharing Ms ces ♥️

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