Maya 101: What you need to know to become the first Maya Bitcoin Millionaire

Crypto has truly gained popularity among Filipinos. I’m sure we all know a friend or two who has already dipped their toes into crypto. While many of us are interested in owning one – it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming.

This is why I got so excited when I learned that Maya, formerly known as PayMaya, is now giving everyone a chance to become a Bitcoin millionaire – as they launch their newly revamped app.

With its transition to Maya, the e-wallet turned into an all-in-one money app which takes pride in being “everything and a bank” – housing a feature-rich e-wallet, an inclusive digital bank that is licensed by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, instant credit up to Php 15,000, and everything it takes for Filipinos to save, spend, grow, and master their money.

To help users get to know the new features under Maya, the company has opened an Early Access Challenge – giving us a chance to win a share of Php 3 million worth of Bitcoin. All you need to do is sign up, complete missions, and earn the most points by the end of the promo period!

With so many features and missions to accomplish to become a millionaire, we created a guide on how to accomplish every big-ticket task in the challenge:


  1. Download the ‘Maya’ app from the App Store or Play Store. If you already have the ‘PayMaya’ app before, simply update the app to get started.
  2. Open a Maya Savings account to unlock 6% interest rate on your ipon, and get a chance to win P1M worth of bitcoin.
  3. Earn points whenever you complete Maya Early Access missions – including depositing funds on your Maya Savings account.
  4. The top participants with the highest scores will get closer chances to win the grand prize and other consolation prizes.
  5. Joiners will be receiving a confirmation via SMS for every completed mission. A leaderboard tab on the Maya homepage will also be viewable throughout the promo period.

Depending on your score, you will be assigned a Maya level: 

  • Maya Master for the top 5% of users with the highest score 
  • Maya Enthusiast for the next 10% of users with the highest score 
  • Maya Explorer for the next 15% of users with the highest score 

The higher your score is, the more chances you have of winning this and other exciting prizes! 

Maya Explorer-level customers will get a chance to win P300,000 worth of Bitcoin. Maya Enthusiasts can take home P600,000 worth of Bitcoin. And Maya Masters have the chance to take home another P1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin! 

On top of this, all participants with a Maya Savings account will get a chance to win P1,000,000 worth of Bitcoin.

To know your point score, you will receive an SMS with a tally of your score, and you can also check the leaderboard on the Maya homepage. 

If you’re eyeing to win any of these bitcoin prizes, here’s a quick guide in completing these missions!


  1. To Open a Maya Savings Account, make sure to complete your account using 1 valid ID.  To upgrade your account, tap the “Upgrade” button, filled-out with your details, a video selfie, and a copy of one valid ID. For a quick guide, you may check

2. Once you’ve complete your account, tap the “Savings” tab and select “Start My Savings” , agree to our T&C, give you consent on our data privacy terms, type-in the One-Time Pin sent to you, and that’s it!

3. To deposit, just tap DEPOSIT TO MY ACCOUNT. Choose between My Wallet or Other Banks, and deposit at least P100 pesos to your Maya Savings account to earn P500 points!

Tip: Continue depositing money to your Maya Savings account to enjoy the 6% interest rate more!


1.On the home page of the app, select “Send Money”

2. Fill out the necessary details – name or mobile number, amount to be transferred via Maya Wallet, message (optional), and even a GIF to personalize your transfer (optional). Select Continue once you’re done.

3. A confirmation screen will appear to summarize the information that you’ve entered. Click “Confirm” to proceed with the transfer and you’re done!

Tip: Transfer at least Php 100 to a unique user once a day throughout the promo period. More transfers, more points!


This is the simplest cashless way to pay for your items in-store! Just select the second icon at the bottom of the home page to activate the QR scanner. There are two ways to pay:

  • Upload QR: If the merchant’s QR is saved on your device, just select “Upload QR” and select the image from your gallery. Input the amount that you need to transfer digitally and hit Confirm. This is perfect for paying your favorite online stores from the comforts of your home!
  • Scan QR: Just scan the merchant’s QR code, input the amount that you need to transfer and you’re good to go! You can do this at your favorite restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, and even department stores.

The best thing about this? You can also enjoy FREE cash in at over 90,000 touchpoints nationwide when you use Maya. This way, we can spend on things that matter. Goodbye, huge service fees!

Tip: You can gain as much as 300 points per day when you pay Php 100 or more via QR. That’s 100 points per scan!


  1. Select “Crypto” under the “Wallet” tab.
  2. If you’re not yet familiar with how cryptocurrency works, you can access the guide under the “Learn” tab.
  3. Tap “Buy” on the bottom of the screen, then select the desired cryptocurrency. 
  4. Input the desired Philippine Peso (Php) amount you want to spend. You will see the equivalent cryptocurrency value based on an estimated market price. Then, tap “Next” on the upper right hand of the screen. 
  5. A Confirm Purchase tab will pop up. Slide the arrow icon in order to confirm your purchase.

Aside from buying crypto, you can also sell, hold, and even spend your crypto earnings within the app.

Tip: Buy at least Php 1 worth of crypto once a day until the end of the promo period to gain 200 points daily!


1. Simply click on this link ( or search for “Team Maya” on the Telegram search bar.

2. Look for the code in the pinned message in the group and enter it via the Maya Early Access Challenge mission page.


1.Go to the “Wallet” tab and select “More”.

2. Under “Payments”, tap “Load” and select your telecom provider. You will be provided with a list of deals to choose from.

3. Select the load amount that you need and input the receiver’s mobile number.

4. Click next and wait for the purchase confirmation.

Tip: Load up via Maya at least Php 50 per day to get 100 points. You can do this max of 3x a day to get more points.

Now that you’re all geared up for the mission, ready to begin your Maya Early Access Challenge? As of this writing, I already have 3900 points in my account, but I’m sure you can catch up quickly with the guide above!

Watch out for more Maya features coming up in the next few months, too! We’ll be able to access the app in dark mode, transfer money via username, and see more cryptocurrencies soon. For now, let’s make the most out of the 6% interest that they’re offering under Maya Savings and buy the best cryptocurrencies on the platform. To get the complete list of the Maya missions as well as more details on the Maya Early Access Challenge, hop on over to

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